021  has something to do with  跟有關係

句型 - 1   be / has / have something to do with Sb or Sth

句型 - 2  be / has / have nothing to do with Sb or Sth

(something, nothing, little, a lot, a bit, a great deal, much more, less)


1.  警察認為Maurice Coleman跟這件謀殺案有很大關聯 

     The police think Maurice Coleman has something/a lot to do with the murder case.


2.  他的失敗跟他賭博成癮很有關係 

     His failure has something to do with his addiction to gambling.


3.  他的失敗比起他跟朋友鬼混他沉迷電玩更有關係 

     His failure has much more to do with his addiction to playing computer games than to fool with his friends.


4.  從工業革命開始,地球暖化一直跟氣候有大大的關係 

     The weather has always had a great deal to do with global warming since the Industrial Revolution.


5.  我們向警察保證Benjamin跟那珠寶偷竊完全沒有關聯 

     We assure the police that Benjamin has absolutely nothing to do with the stolen jewelry.


6.  你認為學生近視漸漸增加跟使用智慧型手機只有一點點關聯嗎 

     Do you thing students' increasingly poor vision has just a bit to do with using their smart phones? 


7.  你答非所問 

     Your answer has nothing to do with the question I asked.

     Your answer has no relation to the question.


8.  這算命師對Emily這跟她的運氣有關 

     The fortune teller said to Emily that there was something to do with her luck.

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