A Kind of Complaint Letter


Dear Mr. PW Lai,


To my surprise and disappointment, I received your e-mail sent to my customer directly, MESD Company, while you put CTB in C.C. list.  The reason why I introduced you to see my customer (or people from MESD) was because I thought perhaps, your product could be used in my customer's site.  After the meeting, I even said to you I would come up with an e-mail which wrapped up what we discussed in the meeting, and I would send it to my customer and put you in C.C. list.


Even before CBT hasn't signed any distribution agreement with your company, I think there is a very important thing which is one of generally accepted business practices in Taiwan.  That is, CBT should be the agent (we may call it the only window) between my customer and your company.  I still can see you as a friend.  But I don't think what you did is proper, and I even contemplate whether or not I will promote your product and introduce it to other customers of mine in the coming future.




Carol Chu - CBT

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