020  Regard A as B  Consider A to be B 認為A B   214,215


句型 - 1   regard + A + as + B

                     see A as B

                     view A as B

                     look on/upon A as B

                     think of A as B

                     refer to A as B

句型 - 2  consider A (to be) B

                     think A (to be) B



1.  Adam認為Chad的道歉是真誠的  (consider, heartfelt)

     Adam considered Chad's apology heartfelt.


2.  人們通常認為夫妻間的小爭吵是一種更了解對方的方式  (view)

     People usually view minor quarrels between husband and wife as a way to a better understanding of each other.

3.  許多學生認為功課與考試對他們是痛苦的  (see)

     Many students see homework and exams as painful to them.


4.  大部分小孩認為他們的父親是偉大的英雄  (look upon)

     Most kids look upon their dads as great heroes.


5.  經濟學家認為GDP沒有間斷的連續三季減少是經濟衰退的開始  (regard)

     Economists regard three-season’s decrease in a row in GDP as the beginning of economic recession.

     = Three-season’s decrease in a row in GDP is regarded as the beginning of economic recession by economists.


6.  電腦與手機被認為是我們現代社會生活的必需品  (consider)

     Computers and cell phones are considered necessities in our modern society.


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