G10  Unit 1 三民版


1.   That main character who is now p______ming on stage is my favorite actor.

2.   Pay a______n, everyone. Here is your homework, and remember to finish it and bring to me before next week.

3.   Many young girls dream of having a romantic wedding c______y in the future.

4.   My English teacher e______ged me to attend the speech competition in my school.

5.   After watching the s______y movie with my younger brother last night, I was too afraid to sleep on my own.

6.   D______y, he would be late.  At last, he never showed up on time.

7.   I_____d, it might be the worst situation we had never seen.

8.   The state of my grandpa’s health c______ns my parents a lot since he becomes weaker and weaker after a car accident.

9.   There is a t______n in our laboratory that we go out to find a nice restaurant to relax after we finish a big project.

10. Recently, many factories have r______ced most of their workers with machines.

11.  This m_____d cannot be applied to this case, let’s try another way.

12. According to my s______e, I can’t have lunch with you tomorrow because I won’t be available until next Monday.

13. Amy was a______ded first prize for her excellent speech in the speech contest last Friday.

14. This street is f______r to me since I’m used to walking through it to go to my grandma’s house.

15. Usually, the female c_____ties on TV will their best to show every audience their beauty.


1.  ______ these reasons, you’re not allowed to hang out with your friends until you finish your assignment.

A) Owing                   B) Because of               C) Due on                  D) Since

2.  The restaurant is always ______ customers on account of its delicious dishes.

     A) full of                    B) fill with                    C) covered with         D) overflow with

3.  Students in that school ______ show their talent in front of their classmates at the end of every semester if they want to do it.

     A) get to                                                         B) had a chance

     C) have got to                                                 D) get chance to

4. No matter how sad I am, my friend is always able to ______.

     A) raise my spirits                                           B) with great spirit

     C) be in spirit                                                   D) get into the spirit

5.  Choose the right ones.  (2)

     A) Do your own thing, and don't just following the crowd

     B) The following are some examples.

     C) My English class follows math class. ( = My English class is earlier than math class.)

     D) My English class is followed by math class. ( = My English class is earlier than math class.)

6.  Choose the right ones.  (3)

     A) He feels lonely recently because he cannot fit in at his new school.

     B) The bookshelf is so small that these big books won't fit in.

     C) It is really a pretty necklace, but it doesn’t fit in for your dress.  

     D) I know you have a busy schedule recently, but can you try to fit me in tomorrow?

     E) Do these plans fit in your arrangements?

7. Choose the right one.

     A) The result of the Presidential election in 2020 concerns us greatly because it might influence the future of not only Taiwan but also all the young people.

     B) What happened in my family is none your concern. 

     C) My parents’ first concern is ensure that if I could survive in this cutthroat world.

     D) It concerns to me that I cannot contact him after he left. 

8. Choose the right one.  (2)

     A) The owner of this company replaced Mike as new manager after the old one left.

     B) My father bought me a new bag to replace with my old one.

     C) This drink shop replaces artificial sugar with natural honey to make good beverages.

     D) The traditional telephones are replaced with mobile phones which are equipped by a lot of convenient functions.

9. Choose the right one.  (3)

     A) My teacher had us to clean our classroom after school.

     B) I had my hair permed last weekend.

     C) Dr. Lo had John meet him in his office before lunch.

     D) Helen had to some cola and snacks at my home. 

     E) We have to figure out some ways to fix it.

10. Choose the right one.

     A) I wish to I had passed the test. 

     B) Study harder if you wish to get better grades.

     C) I wished a new camera for my birthday.  

     D) We wish to you a Merry Christmas.    


1.  由於以這些憂慮,我姊姊很擔心她出國後不能融入新學校。


2.  的確,先前的化學療法現今已被越來越多可替代的癌症治療方法所取代。



3.  走在紅毯上的明星們為了抓住眾人的眼光,全都穿著昂貴的衣服。



Every year, school will be filled    1    activities when a new semester begins.  However, it might be a big    2__ for new students to fit in a new school, especially for   3    students.  They have to start a new life in an unfamiliar buildings, talk to someone they don’t know, and meet their new teachers.  All of these sound    4   .    5   , it is not easy for some children to start making new friends in a place that they are not __6__. Some teachers around the world express their    7    those children. As a result, they decided to do some special activities to help those kids. A math teacher in Michigan,    8   , sang pop songs to her students at the first class. Moreover, she replaced the original lyrics    9    her own about classroom rules. This special way drew her students’ attention successfully and helped them become more relaxed in her class. This is just a small example in the world. Many teachers hope every new student in each school all    10    a great start of a new school year.


1.  A) with                      B) of                       C) for                      D) on

2.  A) interest                 B) challenge           C) competition      D) cause

3.  A) one-year-old       B) first-year            C) senior                 D) junior

4.  A) scary                     B) terrific                        C) fantastic             D) scared

5.  A) All in all               B) Besides               C) However            D) After all

6.  A) familiar with         B) familiar to          C) similar with       D) similar to

7.  A) concerns on         B) concern in         C) concern with     D) concerns about

8.  A) for instance          B) that is         C) example is that        D) in this instance

9.  A) of                          B) with                    C) on                      D) to

10. A) had                      B) has                      C) have                   D) have had   


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