G10  Unit 4 三民版 


1.  I______e ghosts really exist in our world. Would you be scared of them?

2.  Hot weather could decrease my a______e and make me only want to drink something cool.

3.  My grandmother is an elderly lady with wisdom and she often says something with hidden m______g.

4.  Listening to an audio book is an e______e way to learn English. That’s why I strongly suggest you to try it.

5.  This survey i______es that playing too much online games is bad for children’s eyes.

6.  Every time Christmas comes, we will d______e our house with special items.

7.  The position with a decent salary in that company a______ts many people to apply for it.

8.  What teachers say at classes would possibly a______t their students’ thinking and behaviors.

9.  Graduating and deciding to study abroad, my older sister sent out many a______ns to different foreign colleges.

10. The human b_____n which enables us to think is the most important part of our body.

11.  I can fully understand the terrible situation with your detailed d______n.

12. B______s sandwiches, a breakfast store in Taiwan usually provides delicious hamburgers and rice balls.

13.  Jason was not a______e that our math teacher was staring at him while he was reading a novel secretly at class.

14. That toy store provides a v______y of stuffs that children love, including dolls and small cars.

15.  It’s everyone’s duty to protect the e______t on earth, especially the rainforests.

16.  This professor is such an i______l person in biological area that what he says carries weight.

17.  This exhibition is full of c______l painting since this painter loves using different colors.


1.  ________, Mary met her classmate and chat with him yesterday. .

     A) On the way school                                  B) On the way to school           

     C) On the way to home                              D) On the way home

2.  We ______ the original schedule ______ it rains heavily tomorrow.

     A) will change, if it rains                              B) change, if it rains                  

     C) will change, if it will rain                         D) change, if it rains

     E) change, if it will rain                                F) will change, if it will rain      

3.  I’ll hang out with my friends, Kirk and Ben, tonight. ______ Jason, I won’t talk to him again before he apologizes to me.

     A) About                   B) Besides                   C) Along with            D) As for

4.  Investment usually comes with risk; ______, you have to deliberate on every decision.

     A) therefore              B) moreover             C) nevertheless         D) instead

5.  Not only Eason but also his sisters _____ play tennis.

     A) is                           B) are                         C) likes to                   D) like to       

6.  I hate to talk to Jim because of his bad attitude; ________, his knowledge of history is so extensive that talking to him makes me learn a lot.

     A) what’s more         B) on the other hand     C) hence             D) by contrast

7.  ______ media affect our thinking ______ a serious issue nowadays. We have to double-check the information we get.

     A) What, is                B) What, does                  C) How, is                  D) How, does

8.  Choose the wrong one.

     A) Sharon has written three books since she decided to be a writer.

     B) Have you ever watched that famous movie was directed by Ang Lee?

     C) Tom watched TV for hours last night.

     D) She will have played tennis for two hours with her friends at 6 o’clock.

     E) I’ve never been to Penghu.

9.   Choose the right ones. (3)

      A) The reason why I was late is that there was a traffic jam.

      B) This is because your attitude toward him is not good.

      C) Because you failed this exam, so you can’t hand out with friends.

      D) I didn’t go to school for days owing to I was sick.

      E) You shouldn’t quit your job just because your boss said something rude to you.

10.  Choose the right ones.  (3)

       A)Our library became open to those who aren’t students, thus many people came to study.

       B) This museum has increased its entrance fee, and thus fewer and fewer people want to visit it.

       C) This diet my fitness coach designed for me can help me lose weight, and thus becoming healthier.

       D) This study shows that exercising is good for our health. Therefore, I decide to work out twice a week.

       E) Playing basketball is a sport needs teamwork; hence, you have to work with your teammates to win a game.

11.   Choose the right ones.  (3)

       A) In my opinion, working too many hours might be much less efficient to finish this report.

       B) Based on me, this is a good choice to work at this company.

       C) The report is according to their experimental data.

       D) According to that survey, eating more vegetables is good for our body.

12.  Choose the wrong ones.  (2)

A) My relatives love to compare me with my older brother, which really pisses me off.

B) Going to work in a foreign country is often compared with it in a local place.

C) You will be surprised how cheap these products are if you compare the prices in the supermarkets.

D) Sara is often compared by her younger sister because her younger sister gets better grades.


1.    在台灣中,秋節通常與月餅和柚子聯想在一起。而且,這是難得的機會與家人一起烤肉。



2.   五月天(Mayday)在台灣是非常受歡迎的樂團,聽他們的歌可以振奮沮喪的人。




We can discover that colors are everywhere in our everyday life.  There are yellow taxies near the train station. Cars should stop when the traffic lights turn red.  The reason why colors   1   many parts of our daily lives is that colors have strong   2   us.   3     you ever thought about why certain things would be in a specific color? Take hospital for example.   4   studies, the color of an environment can influence how people feel. As a result, hospitals are usually   5    bright and warm colors which is good for   6     patients    6   .    7   , bright colors can show the clearness of hospitals. Dark colors,   8   bright colors, might make patients feel stressed or uncomfortable. Colors are used everywhere we can see. What’s more, colors are used so commonly that we might use them without thinking. English language, for instance, we might say that this is a ‘black’ day if something terrible happened at that day. Colors cannot only spice up our daily lives but also    9    languages more interesting.


1.  A) applied to          B) are applied to           C) applied for             D) are applied for

2.  A) connection between                               B) effects on                      

     C) connection with                                      D) effects with

3.  A) Do                      B) had                           C) have                       D) having

4.  A) Instead of       B) In comparison with    C) Regardless of         D) According to

5.  A) decorated with   B) decorated in            C) decorated by         D) decorated of

6.  A) raising, up          B) calming, down        C) settle, down          D) mess, up

7.  A) Beside            B) Instead              C) Besides            D) Therefore      E) Indeed

8.  A) on the other hand with                          B) in comparison with      

     C) as a consequence of                                 D) in other words of

9.  A) making               B) make                        C) makes                     D) made


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