高一上英文 三民版 Unit 8  


1.   They offer me a highly d_____e job with a decent salary and attractive employment benefits.

2.   Visitors are easy to r_____e this heritage with the colony of the Dutch since the building style is very similar in Holland.

3.   My b_____f in ghost makes me afraid of being alone in a dark space, even in my bedroom.

4.   Joey spent a lot of time s_____ting these piles of files into different categories.

5. My grandmother is so deepl r______s that she goes to the nearest temple to pray for safety and health almost every day.

6.   There is no direct evidence to p_____e that Jason is the thief who stole the precious jewelry.

7.   Some gestures are acceptable in Asia, while others r_____t insult and racial discrimination in western countries.

8.   Government should set more regulations to protect the c_____l heritage since it carries historic meanings.

9.   The heavy fine that punishes those who drive under the influence seems to be very l_____l, it really decreases the possibilities for people breaking this regulation.

10. Remember to put on your p_____e mask, goggles and clothing before you start doing chemical experiments.

11.  My friend has suffered from a mental i_____s for a long time since his wife passed away suddenly seven months ago.

12. Little Jonny tries to b_____e well when his nanny takes care of him.

13. Drinking a cup of coffee after breakfast is my mother’s daily r_____e. She says that coffee makes her an energetic day.

14. We should e_____s our gratitude and love toward parents often since they work so hard to raise us.

15. Our math teacher has c_____ted Jane with a troublemaker since she is involved in almost every mischief.


1.     Choose the wrong ones.  (2)

       A)My wife just hit on an idea yesterday that she should buy a lottery ticket to try her luck.

       B) I struck a thought that I forgot to make an appointment with my dentist.

       C) Before going to bed, Betty occurred to an idea that she still had math homework not finished yet.  

       D)    Last night, it dawned on me that I should go to law school.

       E) A thought flashed across my mind that instead of my parents, my sister and I should do housework on weekends

2.   The brilliant idea of celebrating his eighteenth birthday ______ the famous talent show.

      A) caused by          B) is coming by       C) grew out of         D) stem from

3.   Tom is a terrible cooker. He often _____ salt _____ with sugar and thus makes the meat sweet, or the other way around, cake salty.

      A) mixes, into        B) mixes, up            C) combines, with   D) combines, to

4.   The first thing that _____ mind when I met John is that he owes me five hundred dollars.

      A) occurs               B) occurs to            C) comes                         D) comes to

5.   I sent him an email to confirm the details of the coming meeting a week ago, ______ he hasn’t responded since then.

      A) yet                     B) however              C) therefore                     D) hence

6.   The computer _____ in our daily life now. We rely on it to do many different things, such as processing complicated analysis.

      A) is addicted to us                                B) has a crucial part

      C) plays an important part                     D) is wildly using

7.   The financial management class takes up much of my time. ______, I really learn a lot of useful knowledge from it.

      A) Comparing with it                             B) On the other hand    

      C) In the same way                                 D) Above all

8.  Choose the right ones.  (3)

     A)This restaurant is known for its wine and spaghetti which is said to be the most delicious in that area.

     B) Jolin is known to most teenagers in Taiwan because of her personal charm and her famous songs.

     C) Some girls desire having a romantic relationship with the cute singer.

     D) The gesture is known as a symbol of insult in some countries.

     E) Base on the experts, we can find that the imbalance diet could influence our health.   

9.  Choose the right ones.  (3)

     A)It seems impossible to finish it on time, however I believe that we can make it as long as we do it together.

     B) There are plenty of things I have to do, and yet I have to study for my midterm first.

     C) Compared with Sony, this Japanese company you work for earns much more money this fiscal year. 

     D)       We had a perfect plan to fix this question, but we failed it nevertheless.

     E) Although Hank looks not heavy, whereas he actually weighs ninety kilograms.  

10.  Choose the right ones.  (3)

       A)I listen to audio books to improve my English listening ability. 

       B) My friend, Susan, heard someone yelling at strangers loudly in her neighborhood and she was afraid that something bad might happen.

       C) Gina did not notice her little son buy a box of candy secretly.

       D) John has trouble to pay attention to teachers at class, yet somehow, he gets good grades often.  

       E) I can smell something rotten here. We have to find it and throw it away.

11.   Choose the right ones.  (2)

       A) Many customs we follow today are derived from old superstitions, some of these cope with marriage, career, fortune, and health.

       B) Many customs we follow today are derived from old superstitions, and some of which cope with marriage, career, fortune, and health. 

       C) Many customs we follow today are derived from old superstitions, some of these coped with marriage, career, fortune, and health.

       D) Many customs we follow today are derived from old superstitions, some of these coping with marriage, career, fortune, and health. 

       E) Many customs we follow today are derived from old superstitions, some of which coped with marriage, career, fortune, and health. 

       F) Many customs we follow today are derived from old superstitions, some of which cope with marriage, career, fortune, and health. 


1.  人類畢竟是群居動物,社交活動確實與大多數人的生活密不可分。



2.  我跟姊姊穿上一樣衣服的時候,我的鄰居很容易搞混我們倆個。



Customs and superstitions are everywhere in our modern daily life. Can you tell what’s difference between them?      A superstition is a belief that one act might influence the future. It is usually difficult to see the logic   1   superstitions. A custom, __2. , is the traditional way of doing something, and it is   3.  experience, knowledge, or reason.   4  Western wedding   4  . A white wedding gown is often shown at a bride’s wedding since white represents purity in Western custom.   5   , it is a superstition that a groom could not meet his bride in her wedding gown before the ceremony since this act might bring bad luck to them. This act doesn’t related to any scientific or logical reason,   6  lots of people still follow it.    7  , some customs that people follow today have   8    old superstitions, such as saying “bless you” when someone sneezes. In the past, people were religious and didn’t know much about human body.   9  , sneezing was thought to be the devil’s work and that was the reason why they said “bless you” to expect their God could protect them from devil. Even though people already understand the causes of sneezing now, the saying “bless you” which was a superstition has become a custom. Customs and superstitions truly could influence our daily events,   10  .

1.  A) on                      B) at                         C) in                                 D) over

2.  A) however             B) hence                  C) thus                             D) but

3.  A) results from       B) based on             C) results in                     D) accorded to

4.   A) As, a consequence of                        B) Sum, up

      C) Pick, up                                              D) Take, for example

5.   A) On the other hand                            B) By this way

      C) All in all                                              D) In conclusion

6.   A) thus                   B) yet                       C) therefore                     D) hence

7.   A) Subsequently    B) Accidentally       C) Interestingly       D) Initially

8.   A) grew out of      B) grown out of      C) stemed from       D) originating from

9.   A) At that moment  B) Back then      C) As a result                   D) In conclusion

10. A) from birth to death                          B) upside down

      C) from beginning to end                      D) back and forth

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