高一上 英文三民版 Unit 9  


1.   Taiwan used to be a c_____y of many countries, such as Netherlands and Japan.

2.   My uncle who is a fruit farmer has to spend a lot of time h_____ting his fruit in summer.

3.   MRT and buses are the main forms of t______n for most of people who live in Taipei.

4.   The honeymoon location that Amy and I plan to go is a t_____l island, so that we could enjoy the sunshine and scenery.

5.   After Sara saw her boyfriend going out with a girl and they seemed to be very close, she strongly d_____ded an explanation for this from him.

6.   Elizabeth Jane Gardner was one of the most famous artists in the nineteenth c_____ries, and died in Paris..

7.   Every morning my mother would g_____d the roasted beans and make some coffee for herself and Dad.

8.   You must take your safety into c______n when you climb the mountain.

9.   The engaging ring that my husband gave me is extremely v_____e.

10. Eiichiro Oda is the c_____r of the famous manga series One Piece.

11.  The government should set regulations to prevent the infectious flu from s______ding out all over the country.

12. The a_____t people made good use of stones and woods to make their daily tools.

13. There are many kinds of n_____e animals and plants in Taiwan since it is a small island surrounded by seas.

14. N_____s, I prefer watching television news to reading newspaper while I am eating breakfast.

15. Emily has tried many different ways to c_____r his fear of the dark.

16. What an adult c_____es in a meal is equivalent to what a child eats a day.

17. The love a_____r Mr. Lin has with his secretary is known to everyone in his company.

18. We often see Sandy be rude to her mom on several o_____ns. 

19. Every country has its own c_____y.  The value of one c_____y is different from that of another. So there comes exchange rate for selling and buying another country’s money. 

20.  In Taiwan, we can see a lot of tea p_____ns in the hills.  No wonder, tea is a favorite beverage for Taiwanese.


1.   Maggie truly knows me well. She always knows how to _________ when I am in a bad mood.

      A) raise my spirits                                     B) be in spirit       

      C) lift her spirit                                          D) be with her spirit

2.   My younger sister __________ the TWICE which is one of the most famous South Korean idol groups recently.

      A) fall in love with     B) is fond of          C) is crazy of         D) is a big fan on

3.   This procedure could be terminated _________. Just let me know when you want to stop it.

      A) in time                   B) on time            C) at any time               D) all the time

4.   ______ the financial assistance from the millionaire, I believe that we could survive this crisis.

      A) For                         B) With                 C) By                             D) In

5.   This old house is ________ wood about decades ago and now it is still stable enough to live.

      A) made into              B) making from    C) made of                    D) making by

6.  Choose the right ones.  (2)

       A) I consider it as a great honor to be invited to your dancing party.   

       B) Danna regarded her teacher in the elementary school to be the dumbest person in the world.   

       C) Jane thinks of the doll which her mother gave her when she was little as her best friend.

       D) Jason refers playing basketball to as his main interest.  

       E) David considers his dog the most adorable animal in the world.

7.  Choose the right ones.  (2)

     A) This piece of cloth is used as a cleaning tool to clean the bathroom, don’t use it to dry your hand.  

     B) Terry is used to waking up early because he works as a mail deliverer.

     C) I believe that you can do it.  As well I believe in your sister.

     D) This café used to opening till six o’clock. I go to there to study almost every day.  

     E) I tried to looking for him a few hours ago but I failed. He didn’t respond my messages and pick up his phone also.

8.  Choose the right ones.  (2)

     A) My math teacher had me get his textbook that he left in his office.

     B) We had better to go to my apartment to take my files first, so that we could give our boss the result.   

     C) Jerry requires everyone satisfy all his needs and it is really unreasonable.  

     D) My mother makes me wash all the dishes before she comes home.

     E) Jack doesn’t allow his children play online games twice times weekly.

9.  Choose the right ones.  (2)

     A) It is believed to be as the most delicious food in the world since all the material they used is incredibly amazing.  

     B) Chocolate was so valuable that only few people had the chances to eat it at that time.

     C) On Valentine’s Day, there would be pack of sweet lovers in the romantic restaurant. 

     D) I’ve known Henry ever since he was a little boy. We used to hang out together often.

10. Choose the right ones.  (3)

     A) This research brought about us back of the obvious problem again. Don’t we need to figure out a way to fix it?  

     B) In order to let Zack focus on preparing for College Entrance Exam, his parents want to keep his grandfather’s death a secret from him.

     C) The detectives caught the drug dealers wanted to use the vessel to ship the drug to a secret place.

     D) Jack and Amy usually celebrate their wedding anniversary by having dinner at a restaurant.

     E) A colony of bacteria grows exponentially in a Petri dish in the laboratory.

11. To save cost and energy, it is highly suggested that the local ______ ______ at local super markets.  (2)

     A) produce, is              B) produce, be      C) produces, is             D) produces, be

     E) produce, shall sell    F) produce, should be sold

12. Choose the wrong ones.  (3)

      A) My parents will pay a visit to my grandparents once every a week.

      B) My parents will pay a visit to my grandparents once every other day.

      C) My parents will pay a visit to my grandparents twice every other week.

      D) My parents will pay a visit to my grandparents every two months.

      E) My parents will pay a visit to my grandparents every twice a month.

      F) My parents will pay a visit to my grandparents every two days.

      G) My parents will pay a visit to my grandparents every second day.

      H) My parents will pay a visit to my grandparents every the second day.



1.   Charlie收到Yoyo的明信片之後,他就開始迷戀收集明信片。


2.   我喜歡去熱帶國家玩,因為不但可以觀賞異國風景,又可以吃到便宜又好吃的可可製品。



        Chocolate is everywhere in our daily lives. __1__ to a convenient store, we can buy some sweet chocolate candy or chocolate brownies. If the weather is hot, you could go to eat chocolate ice cream. __2__ a cold night, people love to stay at their warm house and __3__ hot cocoa. Chocolate is popular, but when exactly did it start to __4__ the world? Long time ago, many of the natives in the Americas used __5__ cocoa to make drinks. At that time, this drink __6__ the food of the gods and __7__ often used in religious ceremonies. After Spanish explorer found cocoa from the natives, they decided to __8__ to Europe. Thus, people around Europe were fascinated by chocolate. __9__ the British shipped chocolate to their colonies, chocolate has spread __10__.


1.   A) Go                         B) Gone                C) Going                       D) Gotta

2.   A) In                           B) On                    C) Of                             D) With

3.   A) sip                          B) pour                  C) spill                           D) beverage

4.   A) defeat                     B) conquest          C) earn                          D) conquer

5.   A) grind                      B) grinded             C) ground                     D) grain

6.   A) was viewed as to be                              B) thought of as  

      C) was considered to be                            D) was regarded to be

7.   A) hence                     B) therefore          C) contrarily         D) so    (選錯的)

8.   A) bring it back          B) be shipped        C) go back to                D) come across

9.   A) Even thought        B) Ever since         C) As ever                     D) Even if

10. A) worldly                                                 B) all worldwide   

      C) all over the world                                 D) across the worldwide

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