高一下英文 三民版   Unit 1 

1.  The board represents utmost a______y in this community. The members of it take their orders seriously.

2.  Parents should pay more attention to what their children are watching on the television. Sometimes they are exposed to v______e unconsciously.

3.  The recipe I found online offers s______c details in the final steps of making this soup. I finally finished it successfully.

4.  Although attending this program will cost Sandra a f______e, she still insists on doing so to prove her determination and courage.

5.  The former mayor had a bad r______n for corruption. As a result, no one will vote for him again no matter what position he runs for in the future.

6.  My mother always tells us to keep our chin up and stay c______t when encountering frustrations. By keeping this in mind, I lead a happier life than other peers.

7.  The agent showed high a______n for the new actress. He thinks she possesses unimaginable potential to be the next superstar.

8.  My sister’s cat is rather weird; it doesn’t d______e to jump up on the lower cupboard unless someone holds it up there.

9.  I think something is wrong with my sister’s face after she stopped using the lotion. There are red s______ts and purple pimples on her cheeks every day.

10.  My son’s academic performance is o______g on the final exam.  My wife decided to buy him a new pair of sneakers to reward his hard work.

11.   The new salesman had been pretty rude to foreign c______rs many times. No wonder he was fired two weeks later.

12.  In the medieval period, knights should have absolute l______y to his king even if he needed to sacrifice his own life in exchange for his king’s safety.

13.   The manager cannot stand the new employee anymore since he is so c______y that he has broken three vases and split several bottles of tea.

14.  Kate obviously has a charming and attractive c______c. She is welcomed no matter where she goes.

15.   As the old saying goes, “There is a black sheep in every f______k.” What uncle Edmund had done really brought shame and disgrace to our family.

16.   Mrs. Jones takes p______e in the success of her three children. She talks about their accomplishments whenever she has the chance.


1.  Joining different types of clubs to experience unfamiliar things can add color ____ your college life. A lot of people discover their real interests in the clubs.

     A) on                       B) to                      C) with                  D) of

2.  In Chinese, the number “4” is often associated with negative concepts, such as bad luck ____ death.

     A) as well                 B) as long              C) as well as           D) as long as

3.  ____  accused of stealing, the suspect threw a great temper and insisted silence until his lawyer came.

     A) X                          B) having been      C) been                  D)being

4.  “A white lie” refers ____  a harmless or trivial lie; especially the one that is said to spare other people’s feelings.

     A) as                         B) of                       C) to                      D) with

5.  Kent doesn’t get married but has three pets at home. One is a parrot, ____  is a lizard, and ____ is a horse.   He lives with his brother, David, who has several pets as well.  One is a dog, _____ is a turtle, and _____ is a monkey. 

     A) another, another, another, another

B) the other, another, another, still another

C) another, the other, another, still another

D) the other, another, the other, another

6.  Whenever there are problems coming up in the club, some of the members are eager to fix them, while ____ usually just sit there and watch.

     A) some                   B) others               C) the other          D) the others

7.  Choose the wrong sentence.

     A)  Because Paul was bitten a dog by accident in his childhood, he dares not to get closer to dogs now.   

     B)   Because Paul was bitten a dog by accident in his childhood, he doesn’t dare to get closer to dogs now.

     C)   After dark, no one dares approach haunted house, let alone enter it.

     D)   After dark, no one dares to approach haunted house, let alone enter it.

8.  The color purple ____ represent the royalty in the old days, especially in great cities such as Greece and Rome.

     A) used to                B) is used to          C) got used to       D) was used to

9.  Lily ____ severely punished for cheating on the final exam the last semester. However, she did it again this time. Her parents thought she didn’t learn anything.

     A) was                      B) was been           C) has been           D) had been

10.  Many pictures that ____  the building were mysteriously destroyed. The authorities thought it might have something to do with the vandals.

       A) included            B) including           C) inclusive            D) inclusive of

11.   Choose the right sentence.

       A)   America is a great cultural melting pot. Some are native residents, others are temporary workers or students from all over the world, and still others are immigrants from a different continent.

       B)   In Mrs. Brown’s class are twenty students. Some of them like English, the other like sports, still others like listening to music.

       C)   All I can say about show is that the characters are quite impressive. One is pretty dramatic, one is very pessimistic, one is independent and brave.

       D)   There are three reasons why little Tommy hates school. One is that he hates waking up early, the other is that he often gets sleepy, another is that he thinks the food there is very bad.

12.  Choose the wrong sentence.

       A)   Stop staring at the weird vase that my husband got from the auction. We all know it is nothing but a white elephant.

       B)   Lucy is always as proud as a peacock, and that is why people actually do not like her that much.

       C)   We’re all surprised that Kevin dared to do skydiving; we start to regret calling him a jumbo jet.   (chicken)

       D)   The housewife is one of the greatest jobs in the world. They are always as busy as bees and taking care of everyone in the family.

13.   There were two people in my room looking out for a funny comic book.  _____ was my brother, Ned.  _____ was his best friend, Pete.  However, there were many coming books in my room.  _____ were on my desk, _____ were on the floor, and _____ were on my bed.

       A) One, Another, Some, some, the others

       B) One, The other, Some, others, still others

       C) One, The other, Some, others, the others

       D) One, Other, Some, others, the others

14.  Choose the wrong ones   (2)

       A) In summer, Jill likes to eat fruit, watermelons and pineapples are included.

       B) In summer, Jill likes to eat fruit, including watermelons and pineapples.

       C) In summer, Jill likes to eat fruit, inclusive of watermelons and pineapples.

       D) In summer, Jill likes to eat fruit, included watermelons and pineapples.

15.   Choose the wrong ones    (2)

       A) She needs not come to see us tomorrow because we’ll be out of town.

       B) She needs not to come to see us tomorrow because we’ll be out of town.

       C) She doesn’t need to come to see us tomorrow because we’ll be out of town.

       D) She doesn’t need come to see us tomorrow because we’ll be out of town.


1.     在中國社會,人們通常不敢送別人時鐘,因為它跟死亡有關聯。同理,雨傘也被視為「分離」。



2.    江山易改 ,本性難移。我想僅僅經過教育去改變他暴力的人格特質是很困難的。



3.    一開始,Ben的父母認為學音樂會花一大筆錢,還很沒用。但是Ben傑出的表現為自己贏得了好名聲



Language is full of all kinds of possibilities. In many cultures, people use a variety of expressions to spice up their languages. Some expressions are associated with historical figures, others are related to natural phenomena, __1__ have something to do with animals and their similarities with human’s personalities.

People compare certain animal behaviors __2__ specific characteristics. For instance, foxes are regarded __3__ sly and mischievous, while bees are hardworking. In English, sentences like “as sly as a fox” or “as busy as a bee” are commonly used expressions in daily lives. Here is another useful phrase: “an elephant in the room”. This phrase __4__ describe a problem that is __5__ obvious __5__ it should be dealt with immediately, but in fact, no one makes a move on it. Therefore, the problem is left untouched but no one __6__ to talk about it. We usually cannot directly interpret the meanings from the surface of the expression, and it is __7__. Without a doubt, not only __8__ using expressions make a language more interesting, __9__ helps the learners __10__ more about the culture behind it.


1. A) others                 B) still others           C) and the others    D) and still others

2.  A) to                      B) with                     C) as                         D) of

3.  A) to                      B) with                     C) as                         D) of

4.  A) used to             B) is used to             C) get used to          D) getting used to

5.  A) not only; but also  B) so; that             C) as; as               D) too; to

6.  A) is dared             B) daring                  C) dare                     D) dares

7.  A) where the fun is   B) where is the fun    C) where the fun      D) the fun is

8.  A) does                  B) do                        C) is                          D) was

9.  A) but also it         B) but it also            C) but also               D) X

10.  A) understood    B) understanding      C) understand          D) to be understood


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