高一下英文  三民版   Unit 2   Q

1.  Although Jeff’s parents strongly encouraged him to become a doctor in the future, he insisted on sticking to his a_____t dream. He loves drawing more than studying.

2.  Linda hired a famous p_____r to her wedding to help capture the beautiful and memorable moments. She can’t wait to see the pictures.

3.  With so many o______les standing in his way to freedom, Martin Luther King didn’t give up hope. He went all out to fight for what he wanted.

4.  The senator was i_____ved in a scandal of taking bribes. This news shocked the public because he always seemed very honest.

5.  Lily tried to c_____e her parents to buy her a smartphone. She mentioned that almost every single student in her class has one and she needed it to do homework sometimes.

6.  This inspiring speech has m_____ted me to devote myself to charity. I was so touched by what the speaker described about the life of the poor.

7.  Taking the journey all alone will earn me a sense of a_____t So I kindly refuse the friends who wanted to join me.

8.  Living in urban area may seem convenient, but as a matter of fact, there are quite a lot d_____ges that will make you dislike the city life.

9.  Not to my surprise, my parents wanted us to be financial i_____t after graduating from college. That’s why my brother and I have worked very hard to save money.

10.  It is very c_____s of the firefighter to rush into the burning house to save the trapped lady. Her family didn’t know how to thank him.

11.   Kelly tried to o_____e the difficulties that she found in math by buying more reference books, but in vain. Eventually, her mother got her a tutor.

12.  People nowadays take gender e_____y more seriously. They started to notice whether men and women were treated the same way.

13.   Multiple treasures found in the pyramid of Egypt are d_____yed in the museum, where a lot of tourists come to visit on weekends.

14.  Randy’s life g_____l was to become an astronaut. However, he forgot about his dream as he grew older and older.

15.   My sister p_____ted in a summer camp last month. She couldn’t stop talking about it even now and all my family started to feel a bit annoyed.

16.   Society these years has been becoming more open-minded. More people now can a_____t groups such as gay or transgender.

17.   The percentage of l_____y of that country is about only 45 percent, which means there are still quite a lot people who cannot read nor write.

18.  Wendy was r_____t to do the laundry for the family at first. But her mother later threatened her with her allowance, so she had no choice but to do it.

19.   It is said that Asian people are better at math than the western people. As an Asian, I think such s_____e is quite funny but nonsense.


1.  In my class, there are about _____ students coming from America. They felt a strong connection with each other and soon became good friends.

     A) thirty percents  B) thirty percents of   C) thirty percent  D) thirty percent of

2.  Mrs. Davis’ life began to take _____ new meanings after she got divorced with the abusive husband. She went back to work and even started a yoga class.

     A) over                     B) on                      C) out                    D) to

3.  Getting tattoo on bodies is _____ healthy _____ beautiful in many elder people’s eyes. However, such culture is greatly appreciated by the youth.

     A) either; or            B) neither; or        C) either; nor        D) neither; nor

4.  Abby’s desire _____ money drove her to do many terrible things. She started to sell drugs to teenagers and students.

     A) to                        B) of                       C) for                     D) with

5.  The soldiers secretly _____ a military action the other day, which accidentally triggered a conflict with the neighboring country. 

     A) carried out          B) brought out     C) carried on         D) brought on

6.  _____ his hard work, Rick still couldn’t finish his project by the end of the day. His credit is now in danger.

     A) In spite that        B) Despite of         C) In spite of         D) Despite that

7.  The department store, _____ parking lot is twice as large as the New York Time square, is shutting down next month.

     A) which                  B) whose                C) whom               D) that

8.  Elizabeth the 2nd, _____ the English citizens have been admiring for decades, is still a significant figure in the country.

     A) who                     B) whose                C) which                D) whom

9.  My son’s teacher said that he really did a great job on the science project _____the fact that he had never learned the related knowledge.

     A) despite that        B) despite of          C) in spite that      D) in spite of

10.  Being absent for more than ten times, John was force to _____ school and deal with his mess on his own.

       A) leave out of      B) skip out on       C) drop out of       D) kick out of

11.   Choose the RIGHT one.

       A)   In spite of the terrible tornado, the farmer’s family worked hard on restoring the barn and taking care of the survived animals.

       B)   Despite of the car accident, the actress made it to the studio on time and finished her scene perfectly.  

       C)   In spite that my mother promised she wouldn’t be angry about my decision, she still lost her temper as soon as she heard what I did.

       D)   Despite that Julia didn’t like the way her new hairstyle looked, she chose to say nothing to her stylist.   

12.  Choose the WRONG one.

       A)   The doctor, whose patients all appreciated his hard work, is going to retire next month after decades of service.

       B)   The haunted mansion, which the residents of the country are all talking about, will be tore down by the government.

       C)   America, whom has a reputation for cultural mixing, is full of people from all around the world.

       D)   Andy, my sister’s fiancée, who went to Harvard before, is holding a charity activity to raise funds for African children.


1.  儘管同性戀現在不被某些族群所接受,他們仍然努力除去平等路上的障礙,達成幸福的目標。



2. 我的表姊在參加夏令營的時候被捲入一場交通意外而失去了右手。但是她沒有放棄成為攝影師的夢想。



3.  這場電影,它的負評不斷,被幾乎所有的觀眾視為一場徹底的失敗。



Reading may be seen __1__ a common activity in our daily lives. __2__, it can be a precious privilege in other places. In some corners of the Arabian areas, many women are even illiterate.

Laura Boushnak, __3__ name is well-known in educational realm, __4__ launched a project called “I Read I Write”.   Her photography career helped women in Arab countries __5__ their rate of literacy.   When promoting the project, Laura has faced many difficulties __6__ others __7__ educated women. That was when she realized that educational resources were without a doubt the most valuable treasure. Her hardworking effort has motivated other women around her.

Fayza, __8__ benefited from the program, proved the public that it is possible to overcome any obstacles __9__ in one’s way as long as one __10__ knowledge.


1.  A) like                    B) as                       C) with                       D) be like

2.  A) Likewise            B) Therefore          C) Nevertheless         D) Furthermore

3.  A) whom               B) which                C) whose                    D) that is

4.  A) have                  B) has                     C) is                            D) was

5.  A) of                      B) with                   C) in                           D) toward

6.   A) to help              B) in helping          C) to helping            D) of helping

7.   A) become            B) becoming         C) to become            D) to becoming  (2)

8.   A) whom               B) which                C) who                      D) that

9.   A) stands               B) standing            C) stood                    D) to stand

10.  A) desire for          B) desires for           C) desire of             D) desires of


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