108  G10-2 翰林  L4   Q


1.    If scientists invest a cancer vaccine successfully, more than thousands people will be b____ted from the new treatment.

2.    The building collapsed, t_____ping dozens of people in the rubble.  Thus, firefighters came to rescue them without hesitation.

3.  Professor Williams teaches English Literature and is a s_____t in the novels of George Orwell.

4.    David thought of himself as a responsible and d_____e person, and is definitely qualified to be the leader of student association.

5.    The tunnel was so narrow that only one person at a time could s_____e into it.

6.  Alice fell from the ladder and sprained her ankle so that it was already starting to s_____l.

7.  The only thing Harry liked about his own appearance was a very thin s_____r on his forehead that was shaped like a bolt of lightning.

8.  We didn’t realize the s_____y of our grandma’s illness, and missed the key period to take her to the hospital.

9.  The new bridge across the city connecting with the rural place r_____ces travelling time from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

10. Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist and r_____ses awareness about climate change all over the world.

11.  On the local news we get to know that the earthquake in the Turkey has so far c_____med over 3,000 lives.

12. All of countries in the whole are now faced with a w_____ning economic recession resulting from the COVID-19.

13. The disease o_____rs mainly in children, but adults also should be alert to it.

14. It is hard for famous celebrities to keep their professional life completely s_____e from their private lives.

15. The rabbits p____ped out in front of us as soon as we opened the hutch.  It’s a quite lovely scene. 


1.  Nine times _____ ten the skilled Internet users can solve the problems derived from the communication over the Internet.

     A) with                   B) of                           C) out of                      D) in

2.  In the job like a teacher, you’re bound to feel a little stressed at _____.   It’s usually associated with student performance and behavior.

     A) times                  B) some time             C) one time                 D) no time

3.  The small cabin has been left untouched for years, and it becomes an _____ shelter.

     A) filling-odor        B) filled-odor            C) odor-filling             D) odor-filled

4.  As a new graduate, Frank was very uncertain _____ whether working as an engineer was the right job for him.

     A)as for                             B) as to                          C)as of                        D) as with

5.  The exquisite pink gown _____ Alice the most attracting girl in the dancing ball. 

     A) makes                           B) lets                            C) causes                   D) gets

6.  I’ve been here for a year now, and my boss still _____ my name wrong.

     A) makes                          B) finds                         C) gets                        D) says

7.  Because of religion, Jim doesn’t eat pork, but _____ that he can eat just about anything.

     A) instead of                     B) as for                         C) rather than            D) other than

8.  Evernote is not a new tool to make notes, but it’s just a different way _____ a tool people already have.

     A) that uses                       B) to using                   C) with use               D) of using

9.  Sometimes heart attacks are _____ blood clots in the heart.  It’s a condition called thrombosis (血栓形成)

     A) led to                           B) stemmed in              C) caused by               D) associated to

10.  _____ they are identical twins and raised in the same family, they still have distinctive personalities.   

       A) Except for                 B) Even though             C) Only if                   D) Given that

11.   Choose the correct one

       A) Tony majors in physics and minors in psychology, and so did Vincent.  

       B) Dorothy couldn’t reach the apple on the tree, but couldn’t Yvonne. 

       C) John is a specialist in carpentry, but nor is his brother. They were born in a carpentry family.    

       D) Dinosaur is extinct, and platypus is, too.  They only lived in million years ago.

       E) Gina dislikes that feeling of fullness after a large meal, and Kim doesn’t, either.  

12.   Choose the correct ones   (2)

       A) It is time of children to go to bed.  They shouldn’t stay up late.   

       B) In order to get better scores, it’s about time for me to prepare for the big test.

       C) It’s high time for us stopped fighting and solved the problem.   

       D) It’s about time that we leave for the train station.   

       E) Were it not so cold, we should go for a walk. 

13.   Choose the wrong ones   (3)

       A) Since Gary accepts the idea investing in the stock can earn much more money, he puts all of his salary there.   

       B) Greasy food can lead to facial acnes is actually a myth.    

       C) Those candy which is from Japan tastes better than those from Thailand.  

       D) Although Tim promised he would come on time, he was still late for over two hours.

       E) What the boss said is what his employees should follow is not usually true. 

14.  Whether you’ll reach your goal is _____ to your attitude and perseverance.    (選錯的)

       A) related to                   B) relevant with             C) associated with      D) connected with

15.   Choose the correct ones    (2)

       A) It is said that the cure of COVID-19 has to wait for at least a year.

       B) That the cure of COVID-19 is said to wait for at least a year.  

       C) It is reported the actress is married to a millionaire.  

       D) The actress is married to a millionaire is reported.  

       E) Rumor has it that Mat won the lottery’s grand prize.

       F) Mat is rumored to win the lottery’s grand prize two weeks ago.  

16.   Choose the correct one

       A) Peter lives in a small apartment, as against his mansion.     

       B) As to the end of July, the government will collect all kinds of taxes belonging to fiscal year 2019.   

       C) When asked, the actor kept a long face and remained silent as of the love affair with one actress.   

       D) Some people like to beat around the bush.  Others tend to be straightforward.  And still others would like to keep silent.  As my viewpoint, it depends. 

17.   Nadia:   I seldom went for a walk.

       Laura:    __________.     (選對的 -  4)

       A) I don’t, either.          B) Neither did I.          C) Nor do I.               D) I did, too.

       E) So did I.                       F) I didn’t, either.        G) Me, too.                H) Me, either.

       I) Me, neither.              J) Nor did I.   

18.   Choose the correct ones    (2)

       A) It hit on me that I left my wallet behind at home.   

       B) Ken struck an idea that he wanted to buy a lottery ticket.    

       C) It dawned on Mom that she forgot to buy a birthday gift for Dad.  

       D) A thought that instead of Mom, we’ll prepare dinner tonight flashed through my mind.


Should you pop your pimple? __1__ dermatologist’s and specialists __2__ skin care, their answer is “Don’t try this __3__”.  It’s tempting, but popping or squeezing a pimple won’t necessarily get rid of the problem.  Squeezing can push bacteria and pus deeper into the skin __4__ might __5__ more swelling and redness.  Squeezing also can __6__ scabs and might __7__ you with permanent pits or scars.  Because popping isn’t the way __8__, patience is the key.  Your pimple will disappear on its own, and __9__ leaving it alone you’re less likely to __10__ any reminders that it was there.  If you’re concerned about acne, talk to your doctor or a dermatologist.


1.  A) According to               B) Based on                   C) Other than            D) Rather than

2.  A) of                                  B) in                               C) on                         D) with

3.  A) at all                             B) at most                     C) at times                 D) at top

4.  A) x                                    B) whose                        C) , which                   D) that

5.  A) stem                             B) make                         C) cause                      D) arise

6.  A) stem from                    B) lead to                       C) arise from              D) cause to

7.  A) make                            B) let                              C) cause                      D) leave

8.  A) go                                 B) going                        C) to go                      D) to going

9.  A) during                           B) by                              C) to                           D) up

10.  A) depend on                  B) occur to                    C) deal with                D) end up with


1   該是我們處理鄰近社區捐獻的食物,並送給無家可歸的人的時候了。



2   看電影是非常好的英文學習方法,聽英文歌也是好方法之一。  (附和句倒裝)


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