高一下 英文   三民版Unit 4   Q


1.  John, the exchanging student from American, refused to eat stinky tofu with d_____t because he cannot accept the strong smell.

2. The unexpected COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease of 2019, 新冠病毒) is highly contagious.  The experts implied that there might be more f_____rs affecting the worsening situation in China.

3.  The senior students g_____red together at the square to wait for the graduation ceremony to start.  They were very excited about it.

4. Mrs. Blank takes money very seriously. She thinks that w_____h is the only thing that can represent a person’s social status.

5.  Graduating from college is one of the e_____l requirements for the job. Therefore, David decided to go back to finish college.

6.  Taking care of all the dogs is the m_____r task for the new butler. It is the only thing that he needs to focus most of the time.

7.  Little Tommy didn’t feel well. He asked his mother to check his body t_____e to make sure whether he had a fever or not.

8.  Sabrina is going to a new school next month due to her father’s new job.  She worries that she cannot a_____t herself well to the new environment.

9.  Jerry works out in the gym every day, so he takes in a large amount of p_____n to sustain his energy.

10.  The plot of the new sequel to the mystery novel is so c_____x that most of the readers have a hard time understanding it.

11.   My brother lost the o_____y to work for the new company because he forgot to check his email for the notification and missed the interview date.  He was very upset about it.

12.  Researchers studied c_____e change to estimate how many species would be lost over the next 50 years since weather conditions often have affect living situations.

13.   Les Misérables is my teacher’s favorite novel.  For her, it is a c_____c example about people of the lower classes in 19th century.

14.  After receiving precious gifts from the neighboring countries, the queen felt a sense of s_____n and agreed to sign a peace treaty with them. 

15.   Rice is the s_____e in most Asian countries. However, Russian people usually have bread and dumplings instead.

16.   Dr. Wang came up with two different solutions to the biochemical disaster. The government t_____ds to focus on the easier one since the clock is ticking.


1.  Dr. Martin Luther King _____ a spiritual leader in black communities.  He played an important role back in the days.   (選錯的答案)

     A)  was deemed     B) was taken as        C) was regarded as      D) was reckoned

2. Uncle Lucas turned _____ the job offer because of his schedule conflict. Surprisingly, he did not regret about this decision.

     A) off                       B) down                 C) off with             D) down with

3.  Maggie _____ before saying her prayers.  As a Christian family, her father was pretty disappointed in her behavior.

     A) digged up           B) digged in           C) dug into           D) dug in

4. Leslie spent most of her pregnancy time listening to _____ music.  Was what she did _____ a positive influence on her unborn baby?

     A) classic, referred to as                             B) classic, referred to    be

     C) classical, referred                                 D) classical, referred to as

5.  Carnations are _____ the symbolic flower of Mother’s Day.  People will buy bouquets or wearing them in front of their chests.

     A) deemed as          B)  look upon        C) thought of        D) thought of as

6.  Peter adapts himself well _____ different circumstances.  He is an easygoing person so basically everyone likes him.

     A) for                        B) with                   C) to                      D) of

7.  My younger sister doesn’t like eating cauliflowers, _____ does my younger brother.

     (2 correct answers)

     A) and nor               B) nor                    C) and neither       D) neither

8.  Using plastic straws is not only harmful for our health but also bad for environment.  We should _____ this _____ and avoid doing so.  (2 correct answers)

     A) keep… in mind        B) put… at heart      C) bear… in mind          D) hold… in mind

9.  Our professor said, “Most of my students, especially _____ lived in Taipei, skipped class today to go to a concert.  I was very disappointed.”

   A) these who          B) those who         C) to whom           D) those whom

10.  Mr. Bell couldn’t _____ his noisy neighbor who always plays loud music at midnight.  So, he moved to another building.   (wrong one)

       A) bear to be annoyed  by                    B) tolerate with     

       C) put up with                                        D) stand being annoyed by

11.   Choose the wrong one.   (2)

       A)  Spring is the season when families usually gather together to have trips.  Some travel agencies will offer special discounts, too.

       B)   L.A. is the city where people love to visit.  It is famous for its sunshine, prosperity and Hollywood.

       C)   Kelly had a hard time figuring out the reason how Charlie didn’t love her back. She was troubled by the complex relationship.  

       D)   There are always some times when my friends need me, and I will do my best to give them a shoulder to cry on.

       E)   Don’t tell me the way how you did it, but tell me what you did it.

12.  Choose the right one.

       A)  Iron Man is thought as an important figure in American comic industry. The character has millions of fans worldwide.   

       B)   Billie Eilish is considered one of the most talented rising stars of the younger generation.  She has won several Grammy Awards at the age of 17.

       C)   Sushi is regarded to be as the representative food in Japan.  A lot of western people love it as well. 

       D)   Ed Sheeran is seen to be the most iconic English male singer. He is well-known for his red hair and beard.  


1.  年糕被視為韓國最有代表性的料理之一,那裡的人們也以米製品為主食。


2. 有些的人覺得杏仁飲品的味道太獨特而難以接受。相對之下,豆漿就受到比較多人喜愛。


3.  在美國一些特定區域會有關於吃小孩的怪物的都市傳說。相似的,這種故事在亞洲也有聽聞。


People travel to different places for their own __1__ reasons.  __2__ go simply for their friends or relatives, __2__ go to places __3__ they can enjoy sightseeing, __2__ go for local foods.  In some regions, they offer special, or even strange dishes. For instance, French people enjoyed roasted pigeons, __4__ Thailand is famous for fried insects.  Similarly, Germany has all kinds of whet products, __5__ from beer to bread, whereas Japan __6__ rice delicacies.  Cultural experts discovered that people choose certain __7__  __8__ others according to the following factors: customs, geography and traditions.  It is very interesting to study about the interesting facts __9__ secrets behind foods. Next time __10__ you travel, don’t forget to think about why restaurants have the dishes on their menu!

1.  A) classic                B) usual                 C) unique       D) essential

2.  A) Some, others, and the others           B) Some, and others, still others

    C) Some, other, and others…              D) Some, others, and still others

3.  A) which                B) where                C) when           D) what

4. A) while                   B) therefore           C) similarly            D) however

5.  A) which ranged      B) ranges         C) ranging           D) which has been ranged

6.  A) digs in                 B) puts up with      C) sticks to             D) turns down

7.  A) kind of foods     B) kinds of food    C) kinds of foods        D) kind of the food

8.  A) but                      B) over                   C) without             D) but about

9.  A) regarding            B) regarding to      C) regarded to       D) regarded as

10.  A) where                B) why                    C) when                 D) which

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