高一下  英文 三民版  Unit 5    Q


1.  Our teacher decided to have i_____l meetings with everyone in my class.  He wants to have a detailed conversation with all of his students.

2.  In laboratories, r_____rs focused on their projects very carefully. They are all professionals in their own realms.

3.  I don’t think I will be able to a_____e my goal of losing five kilograms this year.  I am too lazy to go exercising.

4.  Lilian dreams of becoming a wedding dress d_____ger in the future.  She really enjoys drawing new looks of white gowns in her notebook.

5. One should a_____e some basic knowledge about computers in schools, or it may be difficult for him or her to have a better paying job in the future.

6.  My parents have a lot of f_____h in me.  They always believe my decisions and never judge the following consequences.

7.  The new movie directed by the popular director attracted a lot of c_____m.  Most of his fans even refused to go the cinemas to watch it.

8.  Amy’s sister is w_____g to take care of the whole family after their mom passed away. She dropped out of school and started two new jobs to support her siblings.

9.  My company was going to c_____e with a multi-national company.  But, some scandals of our manager were revealed, which forced us to drop it.

10.  When it comes to the new game, it is is e_____ely difficult for player to continue further after Level 10.  Even though I’ve tried over twenty times, I still can’t pass it.

11.   His o_____m as blinded him to many problems.  He always thinks that everything will get better eventually, so he usually refused to make any changes.

12.  My favorite e_____t during the weekends is to sing karaoke with my friends since it can help me release stress. 

13.  After having countless fights for over two months, the couple finally made a j_____t decision to divorce.

14.  Many people say that every successful entrepreneur possesses some specific q_____ties, such as self-discipline, persistence, and risk-taking. 

15.  These students s_____yed many patients of depression for their final project. They designed some simple tests for them.

16.  It is said that there is a pervert aiming at t_____e girls around this area recently.  So urgent warning notices have been sent to each student and their parents this week. 

1.  I cannot remember all _____ you want when I go shopping.   Please make a list for me so I can check It when I need it.

     A) which               B) that                   C) of which            D) of what

2.  Daisy was surprised at the things _____ she just overheard.  She never thought about her best friend was the person who revealed her secrets.

     A) what                 B) of that               C) of which            D) which

3.  Nobody believed _____ the psychic said about fate and wealth.  People all regard her as a liar who wants to earn some money.

     A) which               B) that                   C) what                  D) the what

4.  This new medicine is not just for the king _____ anyone who suffered from the disease.  The whole country feels very grateful for the scientists.

     A) but to for         B) but                    C) but is                 D) but for

5.  Pointing at the moon is considered _____ dangerous in traditional society.  Ancient people claimed that the moon will get furious and cut the person’s ears at night.

     A) as                      B) to as                  C) to be                 D) be

6.  Michael was deemed _____ a genius at a very young age.  He can understand many difficult formulas and theories easily.

     A) X                       B) as                       C) to as                  D) to as

7.  Those volunteers are all _____ to help the poor kids with their homework. Their parents are very touched.

     A) reluctant          B) willing               C) attributed         D) referred

8.  Finishing this task gives me a sense of _____.  I feel really proud of myself and I am satisfied with the results.

     A) improvement  B) acknowledgement   C) accomplishment          D) reinforcement

9.  Even _____ the parents know that Santa Claus is make-believe, they will still tell their kids the story which is considered real.  .

     A) if                       B) while                 C) that                   D) though

10.  Some people do not understand why people of all ages can be so crazy about Pokemon Game.  In fact, the game _____, such as making people go outside of the house.

       A) has many to be offered                 B) has much offering 

       C) has lots to offering                         D) has a lot to offer

11.   This new type of spoons can _____ beer bottles.  People all think it a very smart and convenient utensil.

       A) used to open                                         B) be used to opening    C) be used to open        D) use to opening

12.  In schools, teachers often encourage students to _____ to finish their tasks. Collaboration makes things more efficient.

       A) make joint effort                           B) make a joint effort 

       C) make joined effort                          D) make a joined effort

13.  My father believed that joining army will definitely help a guy acquire _____ courage and perseverance.  He never stopped encouraging us to do so.

       A) with                B) about                C) from                  D) X

14.  To everyone’s surprise, an Australian study claimed that eating vegetables is not _____ to human bodies at all.  Most people around the world do not buy it.

       A) benefit             B) benefiting         C) beneficial          D) the benefit

15.  Due to experiences and knowledge, different people cope with a problem _____ different ways.  Sometimes it is hard to tell which way is superior to others.

       A) in                    B) as                       C) about                D) to

16.  According to the research paper, people who drive to work are 4.3 _____ more likely to be on time for work.

       A) sizes               B)  the sizes           C) time                  D) times

17.  Some people believe that playing too many violent online games will increase the odds _____ the player a violent person.

       A) to make         B) to making         C) of making         D) with making

18.  Students between 15 to 19 years old are specially asked to _____ a special questionnaire in order to conduct the experiment.

       A) fill                   B) fill with              C) fill out               D) fill in


1    這些科學家試著教導獅子們得到彼此溝通的能力。他們將此視為一件極度困難的任務。


2.  這名設計師不願意與那美國來的品牌合作。此事讓他招致許多負面評論,但她對她的事業很有信心。


3.    青少年男孩的娛樂主要是包括運動或電玩。這些是他們所在乎的,而不是學校作業。



In the past, almost every teenager is advised that instead of playing video games for the whole days, he __1__ more on his schoolwork.  However, a research shows something different.  Through the experiments, we found out that playing online games actually helps the players setting __2__ positive characteristics.  They can __3__ specific abilities from the games.  __4__, they learn about __5__ through the challenges in games.  In order to pass the levels, they know how to cooperate with other teams and make a joint effort to __6__ the ultimate goals.  Moreover, playing games __7__ help the players to gain higher productivity.  The __8__ are advantages __9__ most people have never thought about before.  __10__ the players learn from the games may be more than the schools can offer.


1.   A) focusing          B) focuses              C) be fousing       D) focus

2.  A) to                     B) up                       C) with          D) about

3.   A) require             B) enquire              C) inquire     D) acquire

4.  A) Besides              B) However           C) For instance     D) In fact

5.   A) problem-solved  B) problem-solving  C) solved-problem  D) solving-problem

6.   A) achieve             B) achieving           C) have achieved          D) had achieved

7.    A) is seen               B) is seen to           C) seems to          D) seemingly to

8.   A) above               B) below                C) upon        D) within

9.  A) what               B) of which            C) which                D) to which

10.  A) what     B) The things of which     C) All what        D) All that of what


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