翰林  G10-2   L5   Midsummer Night’s Dream   Q


1.  I was about to pay for what I shopped in front of the counter when it d_____ned on me that I’d left my wallet in my car.

2. As a zookeeper, he can be so dangerous that you might be c_____hed to death by a hippopotamus.

3.  As we walked around this pretty small island, we were c_____med by the friendliness of the local people.

4. Instead of wearing uniforms, people can alter their a_____ces only by changing into casual wear. 

5.  Stories of climate a_____ning are a universal truth for generation living in the age of worsening climate conditions.  What stories of climate awakening want to tell us is a universal truth that we’re living in the age of worsening climate condition.

6.  Ian, eager to be a soldier, was r_____ted by the army because of his poor eyesight.

7.  After the long departing with family, tears blurred her v_____n when seeing them at the airport.

8.  British politicians continued to q_____l over the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU, which left the parliament in deadlock.

9.  The great cellist, Yo-yo Ma, always makes his audience e_____ted by his performance

10.  The wanted criminal made a quick e_____t when they saw the police approaching the apartment they hid.

11.   The main r_____n staff needed to be quarantined was to prevent the virus from spreading to their colleagues and loved ones and.

12.  Because of their saucer-like shape, the clouds are frequently m_____n for UFOs — especially by those who spend much of their time searching for UFOs.

13.   Many people consider their dogs to be their most f_____l companions.

14.  In order to invest the anticancer drugs, scientists are now s_____king animal models to mimic the severe version of the illness. 

15.   I heard the s_____ming and the shouting and the sound of the car squealing away from the curb.      I heard people’s screaming and shouting and


1.  If parents are divorced, they shouldnt force children _____  make decisions between them.

     A) in                          B) on                         C) at                            D) to

2. _____  the reason, more people are immigrating to Australia today than at any time since the 1950s.

     A) However               B) Whatever               C) Whenever               D) Whichever

3.  Encouraged by his daughter, he made up his mind to stop _____.

A) smoke                   B) to smoke                C) smoking                 D) with smoke

4. Let the script _____ carefully in order to show the audience that there is important information between the lines. ____

     A) read                       B) to reading              C) be reading               D) be read

5.  Eliza is astonished _____ that she loves Mr. Darcy with all her heart.   (Little Women)

     A) realized                B) realizing                 C) with realize             D) to realize

6. My uncle loves to stay his chalet in the forest, and he always _____ the house _____ his "refuge".      

     A) refers to ; as          B) considers; to          C) thinks of ; to be      D) looks ; as

7.  Hugo liked to ridicule some poor classmates at the elementary.   What a nuisance _____!

     (2 answers)

     A) was it                     B) was he                    C)he was                       D) X

8.  Before digital cameras were invented, films have to be developed in total darkness by time and temperature in order to have pictures which are _____ photographers want to have.

     A) this                       B) those                     C) that                         D) these

9.  The passengers _____ were seriously injured in a devastating accident, died soon.

     A) who                      B) to whom              C) that                          D), who

10.  Choose the correct one

       A) The fatty is as heaviest as any man in the competitive eating.     

       B) My bedroom desk is not so long as dinner table, so I always do homework with my friends in the kitchen.    

       C) Judith Cass is a supermodel who is as slimmest as she can be.   

       D) Tommy is as hungry as a wolf after school, thus he goes home straight as fast as he is possible.    

11.   Choose the correct one 

       A) Seeing from the mountain, the harbor looks beautiful at night.      

       B) Although the soldier declared MIA (missing in action) 10 years ago, he is found alive in a small village.       

       C) Their houses destroyed by the earthquake, they became homeless.

       D) If his assignment handing in punctually, he wouldn’t be scolded by his teacher.

13.   Choose the wrong ones    (2)

        A)When I was young, my parents raised a dog whose hair was so long that we had to help it comb its hair.

        B) When I was young, my parents raised a dog, the hair of which was so long that we had to help it comb its hair.

        C) When I was little, my parents raised a dog for two months, during that period, its hair was so long that it took time to help it comb its hair.    

        D) When I was young, my parents raised a dog that hair was so long that we had to help it comb its hair.    


William Shakespeare is an English poet, dramatist, and actor.  He is often called the English national poet and __1__ the greatest dramatist of all time.  He occupies a position unique in world literature.  No writer’s living reputation can compare to __2__ of Shakespeare, __3__ plays, __4__ in the late 16th and early 17th centuries for a small repertory theatre, are now performed and read often in more countries than ever before.  __5__, he remains vital in our modern times because his plays present people and situations that we recognize today.  His characters have an emotional reality that transcends time, and his plays depict familiar experiences, __6__ from family squabbles to falling in love to war.  The fact that his plays are performed and adapted around the world underscores the universal appeal of his works.


Among Shakespeare's most famous comedies, A Midsummer Night's Dream, is mostly made up of different elements that were born from influences in Shakespeare's own life.  Before __7__ the events that occurred in Shakespeare's personal life, let’s __8__ about how the society in 16th century had impacted on Shakespeare’s work.  We can see influences of social norms in Shakespeare's plays, including A Midsummer Night's Dream.  During this time in English history, marriages - especially between nobles - were often forced upon young women.  Shakespeare __9__ witnessed many of these marriages born out of obligation rather than gain happiness.  It was not unusual for women to be given away marriage with no regard to their feelings.  Often, women were sent to abbeys if they refused to marry or failed in their wifely duties.  In A Midsummer Night's Dream, this situation is mirrored by Hermia's dilemma in being forced to __10__ Demetrius because her true love, Lysander, is 'beneath' her.


1.  A) considered            B) viewed                   C) thought of             D) referred to

2. A) which                    B) that                        C) it                             D) those

3.  A) at which                B) whose                    C) that                          D) whom

4. A) to write                B) writing                  C) write                       D) written

5.  A) Although             B) As                         C) Besides                     D) Beside

6.  A) to range               B) ranging                  C) rank                        D) ranking

7.  A) to examine          B) examining             C) examine                  D) examined

8.  A) talk                        B) told                        C)taking                       D) be told

9.  A) no longer            B) no matter             C) no way                    D) no doubt

10.  A) marrying           B) marriage               C) marry                       D) married


1    我很驚訝得知她從沒探訪過她父親,甚至連他在住院時也沒有。


2    台北的人口數是新竹的六倍。   (使用that)


3  假如你珍惜此刻與Susan的友誼請不要在乎她以前對你做過什麼。

    a) 使用Provided代替If    b) whatever的子句當受詞


4    假如你珍惜此刻與Susan的友誼請不要在乎她以前對你做過什麼。

        a)  使用Suppose代替If    b)  whatever的子句當副詞子句




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