翰林  G10-2  L6     Listen Your Stress Away     Q


1.   Social distancing policy improves air quality, by d_____sing the pollutants released by traffic and factories.

2.  Zoom, a popular communication software, had been discovered some potential security vulnerability with file sharing, so its company updates the privacy controls to i_____e security and privacy on the platform.

3.  A surgeon has a stressful job.  He or she often has to p_____m an emergency operation, and the patients’ lives are controlled by them.

4.  I’m eager to move to rural place due to the v_____e of traffic on the roads in city has increased dramatically in recent years.

5.  To keep a healthy life, in addition to having sufficient sleep, Simon has to do r_____r exercise and eat balanced diet.

6.  It’s wrong for a person to be convicted for an offence not through reasoning; therefore solid e_____e is needed before a decision is reached.

7.  Tony considers video games to be the best way to r_____e his stress from work. This way, he can keep a healthier psychology. 

8.  Due to the economic recession, there is considerable a_____y among staff about layoff.

9.  Light plays an important role in plant growth.  For example, blue light can be used to s_____e vegetative growth and prevent shorter-day edible plants from flowering during their propagation stages (繁殖階段). 

10.  At the end of the Second World War, Germany was formally forced to be s_____t into two independent nations, West Germany and East Germany.

11.   During the camp, we can discover that shy p_____ts are inhibited about expressing themselves in front of others.

12.  D_____gs prescribed by doctors would be very hazardous if used in the wrong way. 

13.   Cathy had a miserable childhood, her parents passed away in her childhood r_____ely.

14.  The Holter monitor is a small, battery-powered medical device that m_____es your heart’s activity, such as heart beat. 

15.   Regular cardiovascular exercise, such as jogging, supports the health of the circulatory system and improves c_____n.  

16.   The successful branding and marketing of the new beer has already b_____ted sales and increased profit.

17.   Paramedics and emergency personnel will follow their p_____e to respond when there is an emergency ambulance call.


1.  Susan is very _____ the world history.  It means the world history is _____ her.  She dreams to be an outstanding historian. 

     A) familiar to, family to                                   B) familiar to, familiar with

     C) familiar with, familiar to                              D) familiar with, familiar with

2.  Garlic was once thought to protect people _____ the evil vampire, but it is considered a myth now.

     A) into                            B) against                   C) with                         D) beyond

3.  Real leather can be used _____ bags and shoes.  However, it’s brutal and not eco-friendly.

     A) making                      B) for making            C) to making                D) as making

4.  The severe earthquake led to thousands of deaths in India has aroused a large _____ of sympathy from all over the world.

     A) number                     B) amount                 C) extent                      D) form

5.  The _____ of cars _____ increasing in this developing city, so the traffic is getting heavier.  

     A) numbers, are             B) amounts, are        C) number, is               D) amount, is

6.  Make yourself _____ to the guard when you pass the gate. If not, you may be viewed as a thief.   

     A) know                         B) knowing                C) known                     D) be known

7.  Keeping smoking and drinking alcohol _____ your body and health.

     A) does hurt for             B) does hurt to          C) does harm to           D) does harm for

8.  The comfortable sofa makes people hard to stay _____ while watching TV.

          A) wake                         B) waking                   C) awaken                     D) awake

9.  Researchers in Japan have installed on a train _____ a speaker that barks like a dog and snorts like a deer to _____ collisions with animals on the tracks.

     A) with, prevent          B)x, prevent        C) on which, preventing       D) x, preventing

10.  Choose the correct ones   (2)

        A)I often used to watch TV before going to bed when I was a child. 

        B) Danny is used to living in Taipei with his brother.    

        C) Helen gets used to mediating in the morning before going out.

        D) The park doesn’t use to have many people dancing and jogging.   

11.   Choose the correct ones   (2)

       A) The fire of the concert spread fast, which caused the audience escaping in all directions.

       B) The toxic gas started spreading in the room, which made scientists escape in all directions.

       C) Bob’s Mom is so angry about my younger brother that she shouted at him, “Go away immediately!”       

       D) No one can get me to accept things I don’t like, even my mother.    

12.  Choose the wrong ones    (2)

       A) If student’s enrollment continued to drop, some programs at the university might be eliminated to reduce the operation costs.   

       B) If I were a bird, I would fly around the world.

       C) The refrigerator is out of order.  If it was able to cool or freeze stuff inside, our ice cream wouldn't turn into liquid.    

       D) Flowers won’t bloom if they don’t get enough water.

       E) I may check them again if I answer all math questions before the bell rings.

13.   Choose the wrong ones   (2)

        A)The supermarket coupon is valid until May.  Remember to use it in a hurry.

        B) During weekdays, it’s not until eight p.m. that I go home from the cram school.

        C)Not until the boy’s sister burst into tears he stopped playing tricks on her. 

        D) Usually, we have our dinner until our father comes back.    

14.  Choose the wrong ones   (2)

       A)The scientist couldn’t imagine that he could successfully create the monster which ruined his world and that his passion for science would cause so many disasters. 

       B) You weren’t invited to that his birthday party must be a mistake.  

       C) She says she is going to Japan next year and that she is trying to save some money for the trip now. 

       D) I invite a lot of friends to my party, some of whom were friends of my parents.

15.   Choose the wrong ones   (2)

        A)It seems that they don’t know how to deal with the situation.

        B)Buying a new computer seems a complete waste of money to me.  A used one would be just as good.

        C)   The professor is seeming to have mistaken me for someone.   

        D)There seem to be a mistake in these calculations, or it won’t take so long to get the right answer.   

        E) Teresa seems not to be fond of the plan and wants to change what we have done. .

16.   Choose the wrong ones   (2)

        A) Arriving home, Tony saw his sister to curl in the coach and watch movie.

        B) Be a man without principles of his own, he is easy to yield to others’ ideas.

        C) Xeroxing the important document yesterday, I couldn’t find the original and the copy this morning.

        D) Andy is the boy standing in the bus waiting line and reading a book.


1 發現Rick不是一個誠實的人,這件事讓我很失望因為他是我最好的朋友。  (It )


2 一直到和老師聊過後,我才學會如何紓解讀書壓力。   (Not until )

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