G10-2  英語  三民版Unit 7    Celebrating Science That Is Anything But Useful    Q


1.  Mr. Lambert is r_____zed as the most diligent employee in his department.  He is always the first one that arrives at the office, and the last one that leaves.

2.  Maggie didn’t do a good job on her c_____y exam.  She cannot remember the names of those complex scientific elements and the components.

3.  The Olympic Games is not held a_____ly.  In fact, the popular competition takes place every four years.

4.  There are many different c_____ies of videos in this store.  Students love to spend their spare time here watching all kinds of movies.

5.  The earthquake has brought a serious d_____e to this museum.  A lot of precious old treasures were ruined or went missing.

6.  My sister likes to sing k_____e with her friends on weekends.  She really enjoys herself to the fullest when she holds the microphone.

7. The scientists have detected some u_____l signals sent back from the space.  They found it strange and decided to send more astronauts to see what is going on.

8. Henry’s girlfriend is in a m_____d today.  She never laughs at anything Henry says, which makes him feel very nervous.

9. During the ceremony, some guy kept c_____hing loudly in the crowd.  No one knew if he was sick or he was just showing his anger to the public.

10.  It is impolite to criticize anyone's appearance or eating habits, and we shouldn’t t_____e about people’s weight or body figures either.

11.   The singing competition’s purpose is to keep a light and fun s____t.  Winning it is not the point; to enjoy the atmosphere is what matters.

12.  The monkey suddenly g___bed the magician’s hat and jumped off the stage.  All the audience were shocked.

13.   The story is talking about the younger generation of this country who are not satisfied with their current constitution.  They want to secretly form a r_____n to change the situation.

14.  The FBI agents did a lot of i_____ns at the crime scene.  They don’t want to miss any evidence related to the case.

15.   The new teacher assures his students that they can go to his office to ask him questions w_____r they want.  We think he is hardworking and devoted.

16.   My grandma has a bad sense of h_____r.  She never finds any of our jokes funny, and she always thinks we are boring.

17.   After saving the old lady by performing CPR in time, Mr. Green was h_____red publicly for his kind action.


1.  After having a huge fight with her mom, the little girl slammed the door of her room, _____ herself to sleep.   (2)

     A) and cried          B) she crying            C) and that she cries    D) crying

2.  My sister’s pet was missing.  She is so nervous that she makes a lot of posters about it, _____ them all over the town.

     A) and put             B) putting                C) has putting            D) and has putting

3.  The purpose of those interesting puzzles games, after all, _____ to help the children to think outside the box.

     A) are                    B) is                          C) are about               D) has been

4.  When the actors on the stage started to fight unexpectedly, all the audience can do was _____ silent and hope this awkward scene to end sooner.   (2)

     A) stayed               B) staying                  C) to stay                  D) stay

5.  The only goal _____ the team wants to achieve is _____ the gold medal at all costs.  (2)

     A) what, meet       B) which, to meet  C) that, to meet        D) X, to meet

6.  Either vegetables or milk _____ what we need to consume every day because they can benefit us.

     A) are                    B) is                          C) is said                       D) are said

7.  When it comes to eating something, Amy _____ her twin sisters _____  pickier than their parents.

     A) alone with, is   B) as well as, is         C) together, are           D) altogether, are

8.  _____ by applause in the auditorium, the musician put down his instrument and stood up to bow at the audience.

     A) Surrounded      B) Surrounding  C) Been surrounded        C) Being surrounding

9.  The Oscars are awarded _____ great actors and actresses in the movie industries.  In contrast, the outstanding stars in TV series receive the Emmys.

     A) for                       B) to                         C) as                         D) with

10.  Choose the correct one.

      A) On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Miss Lee sat leisurely at the Café, flipped through a fashion magazine.  

       B) After class, Robert rushed out of the classroom immediately, he expecting to be the first one that arrived at the playground.  

       C) Having a serious fight with her boyfriend last night, Karen was so mad that she moved out of his apartment the next day.

       D) Sam had sent three emails to his boss.  All he can do is staying calm, waiting for the reply.   

11.   Choose the wrong one.

       A) Having been sent to the prison for three years because of committing burglary, the young man felt pretty unfair.

       B) Sent to the prison for fifty years because of committing murder, the young man felt doomed about the rest of his life.

       C) Weather permitting, we can still go on the field trip as planned.

       D) Weather permitted, we can still go on the field trip as planned.

12.  Choose the correct ones   (2).

       A) Richard doesn’t like the way how his parents treats him.

       B) The writer doesn’t write her articles the way in which they used to

       C) The writer doesn’t write her articles the way which they used to

       D) It is cool the way in that Frank deals with the conflict with his best friend.

       E) It is cool the way that Frank deals with the conflict with his best friend.


1.  Jonas做了很多調查跟研究來做這個新發明,每天修改(revise)它。他真的很期待贏得第一大獎。(用分詞連接)


2.  每當Sherry 有機會她喜歡自己一個人在舞台上唱卡拉OK。被掌聲包圍使她感覺良好


3.    這個參加者今天心情不好。因為當主持人一直嘲笑他的口音的時候,他大發雷霆(lose one’s mind),他對主持人說了些非常粗魯的話。


4   雖然不是每一個人不想要結婚,仍然有些人終其一生是單身。


Nobel Prize, or “Nobelpriset” in Swedish, is one of the most well-known worldwide prizes.  __1__ by a Swedish scientist, Dr. Nobel, the prize is a very serious praise to those who devoted a lot to specific realms, such as literature, science, or medicine. __2__, there is another __3__ similar prize called “Ig Nobel”.  Ig Nobel is a prize for those creative but underrated inventors. They value the inventions that are usually recognized as weird and unnecessary, __4__ for their potential devotions.  The atmosphere of Ig Nobel is not serious at all.  Everyone can feel free __5__ anyone there, and they can even throw paper planes onto the stages whenever they want. Although the idea of Ig Nobel seems __6__ childlike, more and more people start to invent new gadgets __7__ at the prize. The organizers appreciate the __8__ of unique perspectives, and there is no denying that Ig Nobel __9__ our lives funnier. Sometimes, thinking outside the box is a better choice than always __10__ the rigid rules.

1.   A) Found                 B) Being found        C) Founded  D) Been founded

2.  A) Therefore           B) Furthermore       C) However  D) Fortunately

3.  A) seeming              B) seemed                C) seemly      D) seemingly

4.  A) rewarding           B) rewarded              C) and rewards      D) and rewarded

5.  A) teasing                B) teased                  C) teases        D) to tease

6.  A) like                      B) X                          C) as              D) being

7.  A) aiming                B) aimed                   C) was aimed         D) being aimed

8.  A) celebrated           B) celebrates            C) celebrating       D) celebration

9.  A) making               B) made                    C) having made     D) has made

10.  A) following            B) followed              C) being following        D) be followed


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