翰林  G10-2  L7  A Voice for All Girls  Q


1.  Amazon Watch is an organization that fights the destruction of the Amazon and c_____ns against the destruction of the rain forests.

2.  It is believed that most of the v_____ms bullied on the Internet are considered innocent and need to stand up against bullying rather than keep silent. 

3.  Environmentalists o_____e people using plastic bags, and advocate using recycled bags while shopping instead.

4.  Upon hearing their son missing in the playground, the mother almost passed out and needs to r_____r from the shock.

5.  The Nobel Peace Prize was a_____ded to Malala Yousafzai in 2014.  She, therefore, became the youngest Nobel Prize winner. 

6.  Colleagues like to be with Charles because he is so h_____e and gentle to anyone.

7.  To a writer, the most p_____s thing is to have bountiful inspiration and he or she can finish a great work later on..

8.  It is believed that kids will be f_____ned by the creepy old folk story like the Aunty Tiger.

9.  The girl stood gazing in p_____y at the zebra trapped in a big cage in the zoo and looking blue.  She felt sorry for it.

10.  Due to the Coronavirus which is transmitted by droplets from bodily fluids of people, we are now d_____ved of gathering with more than ten people at the same place    .

11.   It is estimated that men tend to be s_____n about a lot of things; for instance, they don’t like to see a doctor.

12.  After the critical operation, the doctor asks my grandfather to r_____n in bed for a few days.

13.   As a general of an army, he thinks that winning the war takes p_____y over everything else.

14.  Sabrina is a gifted athlete because she e_____ls anyone else in sports and shows great talent to learn new sports quickly.

15.   Our literary professor’s t_____ts for knowledge is evident in his book-filled house.  We are all astonished by the magnificent scene.


1.  Mother’s Day is _____ May 10 this year.  Many children start to think about how to celebrate it even one month before the wonderful day. 

     A) at                          B) on                          C) in                             D) with

2.  Venice, the floating city, is _____ its traditional activity, the gondola. Visitors can experience the gondola ride to explore the beautiful city.

     A) renowned for       B) known to              C) noted as                   D) celebrated with

3.  In case you want to have more information about the event, the following _____ some relevant introduction in the manuscript.

     A) is                           B) are                         C) is there                     D) are there

4.  Lisa had a miserable childhood. She lost her parents in a car accident ______ the age of 7.

     A) on                         B) at                           C) in                            D) upon

5.  The government shouldn’t compel people ________ in the only one religion in this country because it may violate human right.

     A) have                     B) having                   C) that have                 D) to have

6.  Most people consider marriage to be a matter _____ a great moment, so they usually won’t jump to make the decision.

     A) in                         B) on                         C) of                             D) at

7.  The strayed dog problem is gradually increasing.  It’s high time that the government _____ care of the problem.

     A) take                       B) taking                    C) took                        D) to take

8.  Andrea doesn’t mean to be a doctor on purpose _____ by accident.

     A) but                        B) and                        C) rather                       D) or

9.  Choose the correct ones   (2)

     A)My little brother is anxious, that he couldn’t find his toy robot.   

     B) Last time I saw my ex-girlfriend was when we both attended mutual friend’s wedding.

     C) Byron has faith as long as he makes an effort, he will attain his goal in the future.  

     D) It surprised her that after she arriving home, the kitchen had been tidied up by her husband.     

10.  Choose the wrong ones   (2)

       A)The sad song reminds me of my grandmother and makes tear swell up in my eyes.

       B) His inspiring life story let the audience being encouraged.  Many of them respect him so much.   

       C) Every passer-by saw the woman stabbed by a cripple in black T-shirt.

       D) Robert indicates that he saw an UFO flashed in the sky and induced him to go with them.   

11. Choose the wrong ones   (2)

     A)Library of Congress, located in the USA, is the largest library ever in the world.

     B) The mosasaurus(滄龍) was the strongest and most ferocious extinct carnivorous squamate ever which surprises scientists.    

     C) Usain St. Leo Bolt who runs the fastest in the world is a world record holder in the 100 metres200 metres and 4 × 100 metres relay.  

     D) Michael Jordan may be not the first to dunk from the free-throw line, but Jordan's free-throw line slam at the 1988 NBA dunk contest is the most iconic.

12.  Choose the wrong ones  (3)

       A)I would go to lunch with you, but I had an all-day seminar today.

       B) If I had won the lottery, I would have bought you a new car.

       C) I’m so tired today. I should have gone to bed early last night.

       D)  You should tell me you were coming.  I would pick you up at the airport.

       E) If I had won the lottery grand prize, I would have lived in a mansion now.

13.  Choose the wrong ones   (2)

       A)I couldn’t buy the car. It was too expensive.  

       B) Peter couldn’t have passed the test.  It was too difficult. 

       C) Kate should have missed her flight last night because she should have taken the earlier bus to the airport.  

       D) I might have arrived early, but there was an accident on the highway.

       E) He might have got a better score, but he spends too much time watching TV.


When 11-year-old blogger Malala Yousafzai began detailing her experiences in the Swat Valley of Pakistan for the BBC, she had no idea __1__ momentous changes were coming in her life.  Her father, Ziauddin, a school founder and dedicated teacher, was outspoken in his belief that girls had a right __2__ an education.  As they continued to __3__ against restrictions __4__ by extremists, Ziauddin received constant death threats.  But it was Malala __5__ was almost killed, shot in the head by a gunman on her way home from school.  __6__ being cowed by this horrific attack, Malala began to use the international attention she attracted to advocate the cause of girls’ education worldwide.  At the age of 17, Malala became the youngest person __7__ the Nobel Peace Prize.  Malala has continued to focus on the effort to give all girls safe schools, qualified teachers, and the materials __8__ they need to learn.  The film He Named Me Malala celebrates her dedication __9__ this cause and gives the viewer insight into her motivation. 



1.     A) that                       B) what                           C) which                  D) how       (2)

2.    A) in                          B ) to                              C) of                        D) at

3.    A) speak up              B) stand up                    C) speak out            D) tidy up      (3)

4.    A) imposed                B) imposing                    C) to impose           D) impose

5.    A) that                       B) whom                         C) which                  D) who        (2)

6.    A) Not only              B) Although                   C) Not until            D) Instead of

7.    A) receive                  B) receiving                    C) to receive            D) received    (2)

8.    A) X                           B) whom                         C) with which          D) whose     (2)

9.    A) in                          B) to                               C) on                       D) at


1   海上救生員認為設立一個警示牌是最有效防止泳者誤入危險區域的方式。



2   我本該提早早上抵達會場,因為我被困在塞車中。


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