018  But for 要不是 若非  






But for (Without)

Were it not for          + noun, S + (would/could/might/should) + 動詞原形 + …

If it were not for       

But that + S1 + V …, S2 + (would/could/might/should) + 動詞原形 + …  

Only that + S1 + V …, S2 + (would/could/might/should) + 動詞原形 + …        



But for (Without)

Had it not been for + noun, S + (would/could/might/should) +現在完成式 + …

If it had not been for  

But that + S1 +過去式 …, S2 + (would/could/might/should) +現在完成式 + … 

Only that + S1 +過去式 …, S2 + (would/could/might/should) +現在完成式 + …



1.  要不是有老師的教導我們不會有今天  (與現在事實相反)

     Were it not for teachers’ teaching, we couldn’t be what we are today.


2.  要不是有富爸爸的金錢,富二代是買不起很炫的跑車。 (與現在事實相反)

     But for their rich fathers’ money, these second generation couldn’t afford fancy sports cars. 


3.  若不是二年前進入微軟,我早就失業了。    (與過去事實相反)

     But that I entered Microsoft two years ago, I could have been unemployed.


4.  要是沒有善良與愛,世界會變得更糟。       (與現在事實相反)

     Were it not for kindheartedness and love, the world would be even worse.

     ( philanthropy )


5.  要是沒有6070年代努力工作的台灣人台灣現在不會是已開發國家中之一員  (與過去事實相反,持續到現在)

     Had it not been for hard-working Taiwanese in 60’s and 70’s, Taiwan couldn’t be one of developed countries in the world.  


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