高一上 英文 三民版 Unit 7  


1.  This is such an i______e speech that I won’t forget what the speaker encouraged us to do.

2.  My assistant is now taking all the c_____ts out of his drawer to find the lost file.

3.  Susan spilt the chemical liquid accidentally so she used a towel over it to absorb the liquid.

4.  The breeze g_____tly caresses my face and hair and I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face.

5.  The prices you told me yesterday are e_____tly the same as the share prices of that company today.

6.  My classmates and I finished this report with d______y since this course is designed for those professional experts and we are just normal students.

7.  We used mice to be the animal models and did research on human’s immune systems in our l______y.

8.  Both of them are so s______n that no one wants to make a concession, which makes the meeting suspended.

9.  My comic books just disappeared without any reason.  I suspected my brother threw them away secretly.

10. While Daniel was getting caught by the police, he r_______zed that his best friend, Vincent, betrayed me.

11.  I regard the math exam was difficult, but, a_____gly, Maurice passed it without any preparation. 

12. Following those safety regulations can p_____t you from unnecessary and unexpected danger.

13. My grandmother s_____zed lemons to get the juice so that she can use the juice to cook.

14. Susan g_____ly understood how this math equation comes from after I explained to her many times.

15. These cookies are so c_____p that every time I bite it I can hear the loud and clear crunching sound of it.


1.  My friend and I plan to bake a cake this weekend. First, we need to decide what kind of cake we want to eat and find its recipe.  ­­­­_____, we need to have all the required ingredients ready.

     A) Afterwards         B) In addition to   C) Before long                   D) What was more

2.  ______, Jolin Tsai shook hands and took a selfie with me when I came across her on a corner of a small lane. She is such a friendly celebrity.

     A) What’s important                            B) Believe it or not           

      C) In addition                                       D) In the say way

3.   This decoration is fixed on the wall permanently and it could not ______ from it.

      A) come across     B) come on           C) come off                       D) come out

4.   I found ______ that my sister secretly dated with a boy when I hung out with my friends two days ago

      A) by accident       B) by the way        C) out of accident     D) out of way

5.   How these problems were solved ______ still a mystery now. Nobody has an idea about it.

      A) are                     B) is                       C) were                               D) was

6.   If we go to the conference, they will prepare their special delicacies. ______, after the conference, there will be a party that we can really relax.

      A) In other words      B) Above all          C) At least                     D) Better yet

7.   Roy does have difficulty ______ with strangers, because he is too shy.

      A) to communicate   B) communicate     C) communicating     D)communicated

8.  Choose the right ones.  (2)

     A)This safety brochure can prevent you by putting yourself in a dangerous situation.   

     B) These are various toys in the store near our house, including dolls, puzzles, clay, balloons and so on.

     C) The method our teacher told us can get used to handle some embarrassing problems.

     D) That’s why you should stand out to show your anger toward your teacher.

     E) I can’t help laugh at Sue when she fell down and this makes her really angry at me.   

9.  Choose the right ones.  (2)

     A) Janet, use this rag to wipe up the oil stain we left on the table.

     B) A recommendation letter written by professors could play an important role for college application.  I hope the recommendation letter my professor wrote could also work on this way.  (in this way)

     C) Beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with mixer until blended, then add eggs to it. Lastly, put it in an oven to bake.

     D) In fact, there are so more ridiculous stories happened in the world than we could ever imagine.  

     E) Enzymes in our body can break down food we consumed into smaller molecules that we could use for generating energy.

10.  Choose the right one.

       A)The tour guide had told us when arriving at the airport, but we got trapped in a traffic jam.   

       B) How to get a good grade in the midterm exam is a tough challenge for Wayne.

       C) I have difficulty about deciding what to eat for dinner every day.  

       D) Please tell me where to buying the dress you wore at the party yesterday.


1.  信不信由你,我昨天嘗試用衛生紙擦掉實驗室桌上難以處理的油漬,竟然成功了。



2.  當我打開冰箱時,我偶然發現這一罐草莓果醬過期了。



We could use our imagination to think of different functions of a certain item. Some inconspicuous items we use often can   1.   magic if we know how   2    them.   3.  sugar cubes and citrus peels,   3.  .  We might eat or use them  4. .  However, have it ever come to you that these items could solve our   4.  annoyance?  Sugar cubes are helpful   5.  keeping cookies crisp because they can absorb   6.  . Thus, they   7.   cookies   7.   turning soft.   8.  citrus peels, they are really useful when you have difficulty   9.   some stains that might be caused when using markers or correction fluid. You just prepare some citrus peels and then squeeze drops of juice from the peels on the stain and, lastly, rub the stain with peels. The stain will be gone at last.   10.  you   10.  the magic above? The secrets behind it are their chemical characteristics.  Although these tricks may seem like magic, there are just some examples of the use of science.

1.   A) change              B) perform            C) transform                      D) prefer

2.   A) use                     B) using                 C) used                               D) to use

3.   A) Take, for example                           B) Such, as that 

      C) As, for example                               D) Using, for instance

4.   A) everyday, every day                         B) everyday, everyday

      C) every day, every-day                       D) every-day, every day

5.   A) X                       B) on                     C) in                                   D) with

6.   A) wet                    B) rain                   C) moisture                       D) dank

7.   A) prevent, on       B) prevent, by       C) prevent, with         D) prevent, from

8.   A) In spite of         B) Due to              C) Given of                        D) As for

9.   A) remove             B) removed           C) removing                      D) to remove

10. A) Are, impressed by                           B) Are, impressed with

      C) Do, impress                                      D) Do, impressed

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