高一上 英文 三民版 Unit 10


1.   Even though his grandfather passed away for decades, Jack often visits his g_____e to talk to him, pretending he is still alive.

2.   A thief came to their house and secretly s_____e almost all the valuable stuff they have.

3.   The m_____r is so cruel and merciless. He killed all the family members and saw them bleeding to death.

4.   The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in history. It was a great m_____e that this fatal plague took 75 to 200 million people’s lives.

5.   My father asked me to study for my master degree, but I decided not to do it and I have no r_____ts.

6.   Charles comes up with several s_____c explanations to support his theory.

7.   The h_____r of war makes people in this little island afraid of saying anything that might provoke their enemy anger.

8.   The founder of the charity makes a public a_____e to show her concern of helping people in need.

9.   Joanna spent a whole day conducting her e_____t to test the efficacy of the new drug.

10. The serious car accident is such a t_____y that many people lost their beloved.

11.  In Africa, there are tens of millions of people living in poverty-stricken regions. They just live m_____e lives,

12. The robber t_____ns to kill the hostage unless the police let him go safely.

13. The d_____n of the heritage is such a disaster since it carried a lot of special memories of the elderly who lived at that area.

14. Shame on you, Judy. You should not take delight in your sister’s m_____nes. Instead, you should help her go through the tough time.

15. The entrepreneur s_____ds in expanding her company and earns a lot of money.

16. I_____gly and amazingly enough, he can tell us jokes without any expression on his face.

17. The birthday party that my best friend held for me lived up to all my e______n.


1.  At first, I decided to take a trip to Australia with my friend during this summer vacation. However, I ______ to spend time working as an internship instead.

     A) have a heart of change                                 B) change my mind

     C) am upon reflection                                      D) persuade me into

2.  The conference ______ to be our relaxing retreat since the organizer prepared a variety of fun activities.

     A) turned up             B) turned on              C) turned out          D) turned in

3.  My mother asks me to finish my homework by 8:00 p.m. tonight, ______ I cannot go out and hang out with my friend tomorrow.

     A) unless                    B) or else                    C) if not                   D) not if

4.  Looking for the evidence for several days, the detectives finally ______ the guilty killer ______.

     A) followed, up         B) hunted, down       C) tracked, on         D) traced, along

5.  The meeting is going to start at ten o’clock tomorrow.______ more details, please ask my secretary.

     A) Aside from           B) In addition            C) As for                 D) because of

6.  Choose the right ones.   (2)

     A) Against his expectation, Jack’s girlfriend did not like the surprise party that he had planned for a long time.

     B) Sarah regretted having spoken so impolitely toward her future manager.

     C) Michael freaks out when he finds that someone destroyed the half-finishing handicraft that he had worked on for a while. 

     D) I tried to bake a cake for my first time but it end up disaster.

     E) Helen’s father made a mistake of abandon his family, and he now pays a price for it.

7.   Choose the wrong one.

     A) I believed that disagreements stemmed from misunderstandings.

     B) The title of the red-hot novel comes from the main character of it.

     C) If you are learning Latin, you can find it is quite similar to English since thousands of English words derived from Latin. 

     D) The American TV series originated from a famous novel, The Scarlet Letter..

8.  Choose the right ones.  (3)

     A) Fish is seen as good food for human body because it carries a lot of nutrients.

     B) Thank you for your suggestion and I will consider of it. 

     C) Dale considers Monna to be his best friend and he would share every secret with her.

     D) Janet has thought playing tennis as her favorite sport since she was a child.

     E) I am considering moving to a new apartment since mine is too small for me.

9.  Choose the right ones.   (2)

     A) Please ask Jason when we’ll arrive the station. 

     B) The problem is whether he knows how to deal with this situation properly.

     C) This is the city which I grew up, and I haven’t visited it after my family moved to another place.  

     D) My little brother asks me about where is his birthday gift.  

     E) You could do whatever you can imagine in this luxurious resort village.

10.  Choose the right ones.  (2)

       A) Many people spreading this rumor to other people without confirmation.

       B) The lady sitting next to Judy will be your future boss, so please behave properly when you want to communicate with her.

       C) The report writing in English is my graduation report and I have to revise it since there are still some mistakes.  

       D) The man played basketball yells at his teammate because he has missed a lot of points.

       E) The beautiful flowers cultivated by the farmers are very precious.


1.  正當我心煩意亂的時候,我男朋友帶著蛋糕突然出現,成功地讓我心情好轉。



2.  麻煩盡快完成這項科學實驗,否則下個月的研討會可能要取消。



3.  我知道在台灣有許多人過著窮困的生活,但是在非洲有更多過著極其窮困的生活 - 悲慘的生活。 



Science fiction, sometimes __1__ sci-fi, usually deals with imaginative concepts such as advanced technology, space exploration, time traveling and so on. It could be shown by literatures, films or television. The plots of science fiction might seem to be impossible nowadays but that is exactly why it is so attractive to many people. __2__ the origin, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is considered the first work of science fiction. Victor Frankenstein, who is/was an enthusiastic scientist in this novel, tried to use dead bodies that he stole __3__ the night to create a living being. He worked __4__ hard __4__ he finally made it come __5__. However, __6__ Frankenstein’s expectation, this creature __7__ to be a giant monster. The monster __8__ a scary appearance hated Frankenstein for creating him and the feeling __9___ the monster to kill Frankenstein’s brother and bride. This story ends with Frankenstein failing to __10__ the monster __10__ and ended up dying from the cold in the North Pole. Reading or watching sci-fi like this could bring people a lot of fun since people might find something interesting that they never think of before.


1.   A) call                       B) calls                    C) called                 D) calling

2.   A) Apart from         B) As for                 C) Ranging from    D) In spite of

3.   A) all of time   B) in the middle of         C) in a while           D) at the middle

4.   A) so, that                B) such, that           C) as, as                  D) as, that

5.   A) living                   B) vivid                   C) movable            D) alive

6.   A) upon                   B) against               C) aside                   D) beyonding

7.   A) turned up            B) turned in            C) turned out         D) turned to

8.   A) have                     B) had                     C) having                D) haven

9.   A) motivate             B) urged                  C) drove                 D) prompt

10. A) hunt, up              B) hunt, out           C) hunt, for            D) hunt, down

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