高一上 英文 三民版 Unit 6

1.  We should stop using p______c bags since it is really unfriendly to our earth.

2.  People who c_____e more vegetables can trigger the movement of their digestive system.

3.  This toy factory m______res plenty of different toys, including small robots and cars.

4.  Playing online games for a long time can be h_____l for your eyes.

5.  Ivy v______rs to go to the animal shelter to help take care of those homeless animals.

6.  Dairy p_____t is a type of food that produced from the milk of mammals.

7.  The hurricane was such a terrible d_____r that many people died in that.

8.  The air p_____n in many cities in Taiwan becomes more and more serious recently and our government should figure out a effective way to deal with it.

9.  We should clean the d_____n regularly; otherwise, it might be clogged up and cause the flood in our bathroom someday.

10.  Gold is a precious s_____e which is too expensive to afford for most people.

11.   This chocolate bread c_____ns a lot of fat and sugar and that’s why I strongly suggest you stop eating it so often.

12.  Sulfurous acid is such a dangerous c_____l that you need to be very careful if you use it.

13.   The reason why oil f_____ts on water is because oil has a lower density than water.

14.  The g_____t plans to spend money encouraging young people in cities to visit some rural villages in mountainous regions to experience the natural beauty. 

15.   It is quite surprised that there is million tons of h_____d waste produced every month in Taiwan, not to mention those waste in other countries.


1.    This man used to be a red-hot singer; however, he ended up be ______ to a prison after he was accused of selling illegal drugs secretly.

      A) frightened         B) starved                 C) confined                     D) blocked

2.   We often ______ Amy ______ her twin sister, Lucy, because they ______ each other in almost every ______. 

      A) misleads, to, look, way                      B) mistakes, for, resemble, respect

      C) misunderstands, for, like, aspect       D) misaddress, to, similarize, regard

3.   The material of that product ______ the factory by our employees.

      A) is fed into          B) is caught to        C) feed into                     D) catch to

4.   ______ the study, people might be _____ easier to gain weight if they do not have enough sleep.  (選錯的)

      A) Based on, way                                    B) Based on, a bit

      C) According to, very                             D) According to, far

5.   Since the decision will ______ the rest of your life, you must make sure you think it carefully and prudently

      A) have a big effect on                           B) implement a result in       

      C) throw a consequence to                    D) cause a change for

6.   Little Joe is now ______ cheating on the midterm exam. His teacher asked him to clean up the whole classroom as punishment for a week.

      A) charging for a price for                     B) in charge of a price for

      C) at a high price to                                D) paying the price for

7.   Make sure to keep the door ______ before you go to bed.

      A) be locked          B) locked                  C) to be locked               D) to being locked

8.   Choose the right ones. (2)

      A) He used not to smoking; however, he started to feel that smoking could relax his mind after he tried it.

      B) Tom gets used to getting up early to work after he tries to sleep earlier.

      C) I used to liking to watch animations since it was really interesting to me.

      D) This cabinet is used to place all the dishes and plates in our kitchen.

      E) Did he used to have a bad temper and like to fight with other people? 

9.   Choose the right ones. (2)

      A) This article leads me to believe that ridiculous conclusion.

      B) Many victims of the war starved for death, including kids. 

      C) Experts have founded that many people suffer from diabetes. 

      D) My friend as well as I am going to listen to the concert. 

      E) It is always not too late to read books to broaden your horizons.

10. Choose the wrong one.

     A)We should stop arguing with each other and calm down to figure out a best solution instead.

     B) The museum has lowered its entrance fee, thus allows more people to visit it.

     C) Alison becomes more confident and hence more attractive to many men.

     D)       I try to give our manager my proposal before tomorrow so that we can start doing the project as soon as possible.

11.  After watching a horror movie last week, my younger brother was ______ when he was alone. 

      A) scare to die B) shocked to death    C) frightened to death  D) starved to die


1.    我們應該停止買瓶裝水,要用可重複使用的容器帶水,因為塑膠瓶最後都會變成垃圾。



2.   他要求(呼籲)大家停止丟棄沒用的傢俱在社區內,否則他會讓違規的人付出代價。



3.   最終,人類會對過度使用塑膠、木材、水與其他天然資源,付出可怕高昂的代價。



4.  有數千萬人住在經歷戰爭與飽受貧窮折磨的地區,他們已經快飢餓致死,更不用說過一個安逸的生活。 



You must have the experience that at a night market, you bought a little food to eat and then the clerk just gave you a plastic bag to package the food without hesitation. Plastic is   1   convenient and cheap   1    people today use lots of plastic items every day even though plastic is unfriendly to the earth.   2  , many of them   3   once and then become trash which is now easily   4   in the ocean. Plastic trash can be brought to ocean by rainwater, rivers and tides.   5  , it can also   6   the ocean by drains since plastic is contained everywhere in our household product, such as toothpaste and clothes.   7   the UN, plastic contributes to 80 percent of ocean garbage, and   8   the ocean is now called ‘plastic soup’. Tens of millions of plastic items are floating in the ocean, and this may   9   marine creatures   9   mistake them for food.   10  , many animals are not able to get enough real food or their digestive systems might be blocked by those plastic items. Both the ocean and marine creatures are suffering because of our overuse of plastic. Everyone should stand up to protect our ocean.


1.    A) such, that            B) so, that               C) too, to                      D) too, that

2.   A) For instance        B) In particular        C) In other words D) What’s worse

3.   A) are used               B) are used to          C) get used to               D) get used

4.   A) ending up            B) in ending            C) on ends                     D) as a ending

5.   A) At least                B) Indeed                 C) Moreover                 D) Instead

6.   A) take to                 B) feed to                 C) take into                   D) be fed into

7.   A) Based on              B) According to      C) In spite of                 D) Regardless of

8.   A) thus                     B) since                    C) so                              D) as

9.   A) lead, to                B) lead, for               C) result, from              D) result, in

10. A) For the purpose    B) In conclusion     C) By the way             D) As a result


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