019   Ask  Insist  強烈要求 建議


句型 - 1 S1 + 強烈的動詞 + that + S2 + (should) + 動詞原形 + …        

句型 - 2 It is + 強烈的形容 + that + S + (should) + 動詞原形 + …   

句型 - 3 S1 + 動詞 + 強烈的名詞 + that + S2 + (should) + 動詞原形 + … 


強烈的動詞:  suggest, recommend, demand, command, order, insist, request,

                          ask, require, propose, advise, stipulate

強烈的形容詞:   necessary, important, obligatory, vital, essential, urgent,


強烈的名詞:  suggestion, demand, insistence, request, order, command,

                          recommendation, stipulation, regulation, proposal, advice 


1.  醫生建議我應該每天要多運動  (suggest)

     The doctor suggested that I (should) do more exercise every day.

     = It was suggested by the doctor that I (should) do more exercise every day.


2.  我們的英文老師建議Vincent應該花更多時間讀英文雜誌  (recommend)

     Our English teacher recommended that Vincent (should) spend more time reading English magazines.


3.  我們的老闆要求每位員工午休息時間要休息  (demand)

    Our boss demanded that every employee (should) take a rest during (the) lunch break.  (the noon break)


4.  公司宣佈每位員工必須要通過GEPT Intermediate Level (necessary)

     Our company announces it is necessary that every employee (should) pass GEPT Intermediate Level.


5.  每個國民必定要完成12年義務教育  (it is obligatory, mandatory education)

     It is obligatory that every citizen (should) complete the 12-year mandatory education.


6病人要遵守醫生的建議要每天按時吃藥  (suggestion)

     Patients need to follow doctors’ suggestion that they should take medicine on time. 

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